Enhance the Quality of Corrugated Boxes by Assessing the Crush Tester for Carton Sheets

Crush Tester

Corrugated boxes are widely used in different industries to deliver products accurately to the customers. These boxes are tested in their preform stage as corrugated sheets. These corrugated sheets undergo various testing measures, out of them one of the most important tests is to evaluate the durability of the edges against compression.

To aid manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry in evaluating the strength & durability of edges of the preform material of cartons i.e. corrugated sheets, Presto Group has come with an amazing lab testing instrument called edge crush tester for cartons.

The crush tester for cartons is designed with high-end engineering & advanced technology as it performs carton crush tests under three different methodologies.

To understand how this amazing lab testing instrument assists manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry to form durable & high-quality corrugated cartons, we must take a look at the working mechanism of the instrument.

Working Mechanism of Crush Tester for Cartons

The instrument works on a simple mechanism of compressing the corrugated sheets from different sides and evaluating the ability of the final product i.e. the corrugated carton to withstand compression through edges.

The crush tester for cartons performs testing with three different methods i.e.

1. Edge crush test

2. Ring crush test

3. Flat crush test

The ability of the instrument to perform all three tests in just one machine makes the equipment a one-stop solution for all the carton edge assessment problems of manufacturers.

To perform the edge crush test on the crush tester, the sample is placed between the jaws of the instrument and firmly clamped with the edge side facing upwards at the compression plate.

Once the specimen is firmly clamped, the motorized compression plate starts moving downward, crushing the edge (during the edge crush test) of the specimen.

The ability of the specimen to withstand compression from its edge is indicated as the maximum load it stood before deforming on the digital screen. This enables the manufacturer to assess any uncertainty at the preform stage, helping the manufacturer to safeguard the products from hefty losses caused due to poor quality of production.

Similar to the edge crush test, during the ring crush test a different fixture is used as a jaw for the sample placement, wherein the sample is carved out in a ring shape and compressed from the edges.

The third methodology for assessing the durability of the corrugated sheet is the flat crush tester, wherein the sample is placed with another fixed that clamps the specimen in such a way that the flat side of the sample faces the compression plate. The further testing remains the same and all three results are derived from these testing methodologies.

The operator can simply record test results directly from the microprocessor-based display which indicates the maximum load along with the deformation of the specimen.

The instrument is equipped with high-end testing features that promote single-handed operations and also achieve highly accurate results repeatedly.

Features of Crush Tester for Cartons

The crush resistance tester is equipped with high-end features, contributing to the accuracy & precise testing measures.

The instrument is equipped with strong gripping clamps along with three different fixtures to enable testing into three different methodologies, allowing no movement of the sample during the test and achieving high levels of accuracy during the test respectively.

The microprocessor-based display determines the compression strength of the specimen by indicating the maximum load it can withstand as well as the deformation levels of the specimen.

Presto Stantest Private Limited has also offered feather touch buttons in the control panel of the crush resistance tester to enhance the ease of testing and promote the conduction of tests single-handedly.

The motorized compression plate is designed to exert a uniform compression force on the entire edge of the specimen to achieve accurate results with extreme precision.

There are certain questions that arise in the minds of the manufacturers regarding the crush tester and as the leading lab testing manufacturer, it is the duty of Presto Stantest Private Limited to answer all these questions and eradicate all sorts of confusion in the entire paper & packaging industry.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ring Crush Tester / Flat Crush Tester / Edge Crush Tester

Ques. What is the size of the specimen tested under the edge crush tester for cartons?

Ans. The size of the specimen being used under the crush tester must be as per the designated standards. The size as per the considered standard is 100mm X 25mm.

Ques. What is the necessity of edge crushing/ compression strength?

Ans. The edge crush test is an extremely important measure to assess the edges of the corrugated boxes in the preform stage i.e. corrugated sheets. They are tested to enhance the durability of the corrugated box which is the end product. These corrugated boxes carry perishable & non-perishable items that may get damaged due to the uncertain quality of the corrugated box during transit & storage activities. This leads to altered consumer satisfaction, hampering brand reputation.

Ques. What is the crush resistance tester price & where can I buy crush resistance tester from?

Ans. If you want to enhance the quality of corrugated boxes by assessing the preforms of corrugated sheets, you can get your hands on the crush tester for cartons right now. To seek more information regarding the lab testing instrument, you can visit our website today and also reach out to us via phone call at +91 9210903903 or you can reach out to us right away via e-mail at info@prestogroup.comPresto Stantest Private Limited will be extremely happy to serve you as per your needs.


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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