Enhancing the Toughness & Resilience of Materials with the Izod Impact Tester

Izod Impact Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The Prevalent use of hard plastics & polymer materials has expanded to various industries due to their firm & durable build that allows manufacturers to attain toughness standards within the final products at an affordable price. Hard plastic materials are used for their durable properties in the production of final goods as they are a lot more affordable. The durability they offer at this price point and with such good properties enhances the product quality for manufacturers and consumers.

Quality assurance and safety measures become the responsibility of manufacturers that deal in the production process of hard plastics as they must provide a resistant and sturdy material that can withstand impacts & free-falls to an extent. For instance, Hard plastics are the most common material used for making the surface of mobile phones and other electrical devices as they are exposed to the environment and are extremely prone to fall or get impacted by a heavier metal. Therefore, determining their resistance is mandatory which is often ensured by manufacturers by utilizing such hard plastics for sturdiness. 

The Presto Group has designed a top-quality lab testing instrument – Izod impact tester. The instrument is manufactured under the principle of a pendulum release mechanism that was invented by a scientist and has been carried forward to date due to its accurate analysis of the impact resistance of a material.

The Izod impact tester has been a constant lab testing instrument in the polymer industry due to its precision and top-notch testing experience that not only offers accuracy but also encourages hassle-free operations.

The Operating Module of the Izod Impact Tester

The Izod Charpy impact tester is designed with high-end engineering standards to help the manufacturer comply with all the necessary guidelines. The instrument’s working module has encouraged manufacturers to undertake it as the foremost testing equipment when it comes to measuring the toughness & resilience of the polymer or hard plastic.

To initiate the test, the primary step that is undertaken by the operator is the conditioning of the specimen with the help of an additional accessory called the notch cutter. The notch cutter carves out a v-shaped notch on the specimen to allow the breaking hammer of the Izod impact tester to continue the carved-out notch, allowing the operator to reach higher levels of accuracy.  

After conditioning the specimen precisely, it becomes vital for the operator to adjust the specimen between the jaw of the instrument and clamp it firmly. The rugged surfaces of the grippers of the jaw do not allow the specimen to move during the course of the Izod impact test. It is extremely important to note that under the izod impact test technique, the specimen is adjusted in a vertical position.

After the precise positioning & clamping of the specimen, it is important for the manufacturer to adjust the weight of the hammer to generate a certain amount of energy at the impact with the specimen. The weights can be adjusted from a range of R1 – R5 that generates energy from 0.7 Joules to 21 Joules.

The operator can now close the magnetic door and release the brake pedal that is holding the hammer, the releasing of the brake pedal will result in a pendulum movement of the hammer, striking the specimen at the notch. The notch is continued by the hammer and the energy exerted at the impact is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display.

The operator can simply record the test results indicated on the digital display and carry out a critical analysis for comparing the results of the previous tests with the current one in order to record the growth.

The Izod Charpy impact tester is equipped with certain key attributes that assist the manufacturer in conducting the test superficially and achieving high accuracy standards over 7 over again.  

Key Attributes that Enhance the Quality of the Izod Impact Tester

The Izod impact tester is offered with the most advanced testing features that are combined with a trusted technology for achieving maximum precision in determining the impact resistance of polymer materials.

The finest feature of the lot is the incorporation of variable hammers for adjusting the weight of the striking hammer. The R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5 hammers provided with the instrument generate different energy levels due to varied weights and allow the operator & the manufacturer to reach high levels of accuracy.

Another top-quality feature of the instrument is the inclusion of the magnetic door as a safety attribute to safeguard the operator from getting hurt by the breaking of the specimen due to the impact caused by the hammer.

The brake pedal of the instrument also contributes hugely to the free movement of the hammer in a pendulum motion allowing the operator to attain a sense of assurance.

Another top-notch feature of the instrument is its durable build and sturdy quality which is enhanced by the usage of mild steel material with a powder coating to paint that is resistive to corrosion & rusting.

The control panel of the equipment also elevates the testing experience by streamlining the process due to its different controls for different operations, simplifying the testing process to great standards. Along with variable controls, the instrument also offers the inclusion of a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the test results accurately and allows the operator to keep track of the records with the help of a memory hold button.

Get the Most Amazing Izod Impact Tester Right Away

To achieve high levels of accuracy & perform the Izod impact test with absolute precision. Do not wait any further and become a responsible manufacturer by determining the impact resistance of polymer materials like hard plastics.  

To know more about the instrument, get on to our website and browse all the necessary details. You can place an order for the instrument right away by calling us at +91 9210903903 or by contacting us via e-mail at info@prestogroup.com.

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