How Many Standard Lights are used in the Color Matching Cabinet?

How Many Standard Lights are used in the Color Matching Cabinet

Colors are important in depicting the quality and look of things such as plastic bottles and fabrics. Colors have an important part in the visual evaluation of products in a variety of industries, from textiles to bottles. By using a Presto color matching cabinet, you will be able to maintain product color uniformity while also providing high-quality items to your clients. This testing instrument will give you an accurate color evaluation and visual assessment of various items. It is helpful in testing the samples under different light sources. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with information about standardized lights that are used in Presto color matching cabinets – Spectrum Asia.

Deliver your products accurately to the customers with Presto color matching cabinet

The color matching procedure is used in quality control and other situations where items must have identical color quality characteristics at the time of manufacture. A color matching cabinet is a machine that simulates numerous scenarios for examining the color properties of specific samples under varied lighting conditions. Besides this, there are many benefits of color matching cabinets in assessing the right quality of colors.

Most of the products experience the problem of poor color quality under different light sources. This problem is known as Metamerism. Thus, you can easily overcome the problem of Metamerism using the Presto color matching cabinet testing instrument. This amazing lab testing instrument designed by the experts at Presto will allow you to color match diverse items more quickly, accurately, and closely. As a result, when the specimen will be examined under various lights, this lab testing instrument will assist you in reducing the influence of Metamerism in samples. Fabric, plastic film, and other samples can be evaluated from various angles and with various light sources to provide a clear picture of the color contained in the product.

This color-matching instrument will help you in the accurate determination of colors to check the consistency and quality of products. Now, let us focus on its features and technical specifications.

Features of Presto color matching cabinet

With the use of this lab testing equipment, you will be able to evaluate the quality of colors with ease. This lab testing equipment has been designed to meet industry standards, making it simple to conduct a quality color test. We've put together a list of features that you'll obtain from using Presto color matching cabinet CMC-Asia.

  • It gives you a standardized view of controlled lighting conditions.
  • It comes with a wide viewing area.
  • High-quality light sources are used.
  • The specimen can be tested from different angles
  • Used in various industries like paper and packaging, textile, etc.
  • Comes with 5 light sources as per CIE International Standards.
  • Also available in Spectrum USA and Spectrum Europe models.

Technical Specifications of Presto color matching cabinet

  • The angle of Viewing Booth: 45 Degree
  • Viewing Booth Material: Wood or Steel
  • Time Totalizer accuracy: ± 0.2% over entire range
  • Viewing Area: L 675 x W 455 x H 400 mm
  • Time Totalizer: Least Count 1/10 h
  • Readout: 99999.9 hrs.
  • Size of tube light: 2 Feet

With these features and technical specifications, you will be able to test the color consistency of different colors with ease. Presto is a leading color matching cabinet manufacturer that will provide you with the highest quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices.

Now, let’s focus on the different types of light sources used in this testing equipment.

Types of light sources used in color matching cabinet

The product manufacturers of different industries will put a great set of efforts to enhance the consistency and quality of products for their customers. Thus with the use of this testing equipment, you will be able to remove Metamerism easily. Below we have listed the different types of light sources that are used in the color matching box.


Light Source

Type of light



Color Temperature



Artificial Day Light

4 FT. & 2FT.


6500 Degree K



Fluorescent Light- Pont of sale light

4 FT. & 2FT.


4000 Degree K


Tungsten Filament

Incandescent Light


60W Bulb

2300-2800 Degree K



Cool White Fluorescent Office Lightning

4 FT. & 2FT.


4100 Degree K



Ultra Violet light

4 FT. & 2FT.


Ultra Violet Light


These are the five different types of light sources used in this lab testing equipment. You can easily give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at to know about the color-matching cabinet price. You can even book an appointment to have a FREE sample testing session just by giving us a call. Our team of technical experts will easily assist you with all your queries.

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