How often should a Torque Tester be Calibrated for Accurate Results?

How often should a Torque Tester be Calibrated for Accurate Results?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Calibrating a torque tester is crucial to maintaining the accuracy and reliability of its results. The frequency of calibration depends on various factors, including the manufacturer's recommendations, the usage intensity, and industry standards. Presto torque testing machine is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that will help manufacturers ensure the opening and closing torque of bottle caps. 

Many manufacturers recommend an annual calibration schedule, but industries with more rigorous quality control requirements may opt for more frequent calibrations, such as semi-annual or quarterly intervals.

Regular calibration not only guarantees the accuracy of torque measurements but also identifies and rectifies any deviations, ensuring that the torque tester continues to meet the specified performance standards. Adhering to a consistent calibration schedule is vital for industries where precise torque values are critical, as it promotes product quality, regulatory compliance, and overall operational reliability.

In this blog, we will discuss a brief Presto torque testing instrument and the benefits of calibrating a torque tester. 

Why Torque Testing is an Essential Quality Method for Bottle Manufacturers?

The accuracy and consistency of torque measurements are critical in various applications. Inaccurate torque readings can lead to product failures, safety hazards, and even costly recalls. Therefore, it is crucial to have reliable results from torque testing.

Regular calibration plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and consistent torque testing results. Calibrating torque instruments involves comparing their readings with a known standard to determine any deviations or errors. This process helps identify any issues with the instrument's performance and allows for adjustments or repairs before they affect the accuracy of the results.

Presto torque tester for bottle caps is an ultimate lab testing equipment that will help manufacturers ensure the integrity of bottles by testing their torque value. 

It gives Torque in digital format. This torque tester machine will allow manufacturers to test their bottle’s torque strength and comes with a range of 20 lb-inch to 100 lb-inch. Implementing torque testing for quality control will not only help manufacturers ensure accuracy but also let them solve the root cause of poor torque testing results. 

This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that has been designed as per ASTM testing standards and helps manufacturers ensure accuracy in lab testing results. The minimum diameter for holding the specimen is 30mm while the maximum diameter goes up to 110mm. 

Now, let us discuss the benefits of having on-time calibration for torque testing equipment.

Benefits of having on-time calibration for Torque Tester

The torque tester for bottle caps should be calibrated in a timely manner to ensure that the results will be accurate. This torque testing equipment is designed with special and advanced features that make it easy for manufacturers to conduct torque tests on the materials. 

Below we have listed the top benefits of having calibration services for this quality testing equipment. 

1. Ensures Product Quality: In industries where precision is crucial, such as automotive manufacturing or medical device production, accurate torque measurements are essential for ensuring product quality. Regular calibration ensures that the torque instruments used in these industries provide precise readings, thus maintaining high-quality standards.

2. Improves Safety: Torque testing is also crucial for safety purposes. In applications such as construction equipment assembly or aircraft maintenance, incorrect tightening of fasteners can lead to catastrophic failures that can cause serious injuries or fatalities. Regular calibration ensures that torque tools are functioning correctly and providing accurate readings, which helps prevent such accidents.

3. Reduces Costs: Product recalls due to faulty torque measurements can be costly for companies. Regular calibration ensures that torque instruments are functioning correctly, reducing the risk of product failures and associated costs.

4. Compliance with Standards: Many industries have specific standards and regulations that require torque testing for certain applications. Regular calibration ensures that torque measurements comply with these standards, thus avoiding penalties or legal issues.

5. Extends Instrument Lifespan: Regular calibration helps identify any potential issues with torque instruments before they become significant problems. This allows for timely repairs or adjustments, which can extend the lifespan of the instrument and save companies from having to purchase new ones.

You can easily measure the torque in a simple and efficient manner with the Presto torque testing instrument. 

Below we have listed a case study that depicts how Presto torque testing equipment will help a global brand known as Pernod in ensuring zero rejection rates by delivering high-quality bottles.

Case Study: Enhancing Quality Assurance with Presto Torque Tester for Pernod

Pernod, a leading beverage company renowned for its premium spirits, faced challenges in ensuring the consistent quality of bottle cap closures across its production lines. To address this concern, Pernod sought a reliable torque testing solution to enhance their quality assurance processes.

Challenge: Pernod's existing quality control methods were insufficient to guarantee the uniformity and tightness of bottle cap closures. Inconsistent torque levels led to potential issues such as leakage and compromised product integrity. The need for a comprehensive torque testing solution became imperative to maintain the high standards synonymous with Pernod's brand.

Solution - Presto Torque Tester: Pernod implemented the Presto Torque Tester, a state-of-the-art solution designed for precision torque measurement in bottle cap applications. The Presto Torque Tester Machine offered a user-friendly interface and seamless integration into Pernod's production lines. Its automated features streamlined the testing process, providing quick and accurate torque measurements for every bottle cap.


  1. Precision and Consistency: The Presto Torque Tester ensured precise and consistent torque measurements, minimizing variations in bottle cap closures across the production line.

  2. Increased Efficiency: Automation and user-friendly features improved testing efficiency, reducing the time required for quality control without compromising accuracy.

  3. Data Analysis and Reporting: The torque tester provided detailed data analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling Pernod to track and document torque measurements over time for quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

  4. Seamless Integration: The solution seamlessly integrated with Pernod's existing production processes, minimizing downtime during implementation.


  1. Initial Implementation: While the Presto Torque Tester was easy to integrate, adapting to the new system required some initial training for Pernod's production team.

  2. Cost Consideration: The initial investment in the torque testing solution posed a challenge for Pernod; however, the long-term benefits outweighed the upfront costs.

Outcome: The Presto Torque Tester significantly improved Pernod's quality control processes, ensuring that bottle cap closures met the company's stringent standards. The implementation resulted in a reduction in product recalls and customer complaints related to faulty bottle caps, enhancing Pernod's brand reputation for product quality and reliability. The automated testing process also led to increased operational efficiency and minimized production line interruptions.


Pernod's adoption of the Presto Torque Tester exemplifies the transformative impact of advanced torque testing solutions on quality assurance in beverage manufacturing. Despite initial challenges, the long-term benefits, including enhanced product quality and operational efficiency, positioned the Presto Torque Tester as an invaluable asset in Pernod's commitment to delivering premium and consistent products to consumers.

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