How to Commence Test in Cass cum Salt Spray Chamber?

How to Commence Test in Cass cum Salt Spray Chamber?

Corrosion is the property of metals that can destroy and minimize the actual life of the materials. Therefore with the help of corrosion testing, you will be able to predict, plan and mitigate the negative effects of corrosion on your products. One of the best-selling testing equipment from Presto is Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber. This is one of the most effective testing equipment that will let you assess the quality of metals when exposed to a salt-laden environment. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with brief information about the Cass Cum salt spray chamber and how you can successfully commence the test with the help of this lab testing machine.

Salt Spray Chamber: Protect your metals against corrosion

One of the major problems faced by the metal manufacturers in metal industries is the corrosion that will affect the life cycle of the products. But by testing your metals with a Cass cum salt spray chamber, you will be able to save them from being deteriorated over time.

Presto’s Cass Cum Salt Spray Chamber is the most reliable equipment for checking the corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt-laden environment. This time-tested product has been specifically designed to assess the rust-proof ability of components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It provides complete flexibility in the simulation of real-life weathering conditions. The device is used in industrial testing laboratories for various research and analysis purposes. The instrument is capable of creating very high temperatures for testing and studying the effect on different painted and plated metal substrates. By taking corrosion testing with this testing instrument, you will be able to safeguard your metals against corrosion.

The main purpose of using this lab testing equipment is to assess the quality of your materials while performing comparative testing. The test temperature in the chamber is user adjustable from ambient to +49°C ±1oC and is controlled by a PLC controlled PID. The touch screen installed in the Salt Spray Chamber is a powerful tool that eases the analysis of corrosion resistance for a wide variety of sample types. A special zero corrosion PT 100 sensor is incorporated in the touch screen. It also has 8 function keys, a 3M flash memory, and provides a USB host for a USB flash drive.

Below we have discussed the advanced features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto Cass cum salt spray chamber

The Presto Cass cum salt spray chamber has been designed strictly as per relevant standards like JIS Z2371; DIN 50021; ASTM B 117; IS: 5528; IS: 6910; ISO: 3768. It comes with a triple-walled structure with glass wool insulation. Here we have created a list of features you will get with this lab testing instrument.

  • HMI based Touchscreen Display for ease of operation
  • Inbuilt PID temperature settings for accuracy
  • Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensor
  • Program profile installed for selecting test parameters of the test.
  • Robust Construction with triple-walled Fiber-reinforced body.
  • Set values (SV) and present values (PV) are displayed together.
  • Set values (SV) and present values (PV) are displayed together.
  • The angle of the Canopy is designed to restrict the flow of droplets directly on the test sample.

These are the features you will get with the help of a salt spray chamber. To know more about its features, you can visit the product page section of the salt spray chamber.

Technical Specifications:

  • Display: HMI Based Touchscreen 7" TFT LCD Color Screen
  • Chamber Temp. Range: Ambient to 60°C
  • Test Chamber Temperature Range: 49°C ± 2°C
  • Chamber Temperature Repeatability: ± 1°C
  • Air Saturator Temperature Range: Ambient to 65°C
  • Air Saturator Temperature Least Count: 0.1°C


  • 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz, 15 A
  • Temperature Control: Inbuilt PID temperature Controller
  • Test Air Pressure: 0.7Kg/cm² - 1.7Kg/cm²
  • Air Regulator: 0 to 30 psi

These are the technical specifications you will get with this lab testing instrument. You can also read about the fundamental of a salt spray chamber to test the material corrosion resistance. Now, let us focus on the easy steps to operate this testing instrument.

Steps to commence test in Presto salt spray chamber

When you prepare your testing specimen and place it in the chamber, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Place the testing chamber in the specimen and after placing the specimen inside the chamber close the canopy.
  • Now set the temperature or humidity from the HMI Interface.
  • The specimen placed inside the chamber will be subjected to the salt environment, humidity, or different temperatures to test the resistance of the metal to corrosion.
  • The HMI interface will show the temperature, time, and type of the test. Now check the Air Pressure Regulating panel, unlock the “Air Pressure Knob” by pulling the knob up to set the air pressure from 0.7 kg to 1.2 kg, and lock the Air Pressure Knob.
  • After the time for which the HMI timer is completed, the power supply will stop automatically and the machine will stop running.
  • Take out the specimen and analyze the changes in physical and chemical properties of the specimen.

In this way, you can easily commence the test with the help of this lab testing instrument. You can also get information about Automotive Material & Parts Testing Instruments. If you need any further information regarding placement of the specimen, or salt spray chamber price, etc. then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our technical experts will easily guide you well regarding your queries.

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