How to Perform Environment Simulation Tasks on Raw Materials with Humidity Test Chamber?

How to Perform Environment Simulation Tasks on Raw Materials with Humidity Test Chamber?

There are numerous raw materials that are manufactured and tested under various standards on a regular basis. One of the highly valued industries is the metal & plastic manufacturing industry due to the necessity of these materials in the production of variable products.

The products made from such materials are mostly exposed to the environment which makes it crucial to test their working ability under extreme climatic conditions. The leading lab testing instrument manufacturing company, Presto Group has aided the manufacturers in conducting environment simulation tests on such materials by inventing the humidity test chamber.

The instrument is designed with high-end engineering which simulates extreme climatic conditions in plastics, metals, and other such materials in different parts of the world. Since the products are utilized in all parts of the world, they experience differentiations in the atmosphere around them such as humidifying, dehumidifying, extreme cold & extreme hot temperatures.

The humidity chamber manufacturer has constructed the lab testing equipment with an operator-friendly working to enhance the repeatability of tests and ensure maximum levels of accuracy at all times.   

The Humidity Chamber Working Principle

The instrument has the ability to simulate different kinds of atmospheric conditions which helps the operator to evaluate the reactions of the tested material under variable climatic situations.

It is important to place the specimen within the sample placement area present in the inner chamber of the lab testing equipment. It is important to make sure that the doors of the inner chamber are firmly closed and tightened to eradicate all sorts of contact from the external factors and ensure maximum insulation within the inner chamber where the specimen will be tested.

Once the operator makes sure that the sample is placed accurately and the doors are firmly tightened, the equipment is turned on from the power plug. It is a must to have an electric supply of 220V for the consistent running of the humidity test chamber.

The humidity chamber manufacturer provides different equipment within the instrument that combines together different roles for simulating climatic conditions:

1.    Reservoir tank

2.    Aerodynamic fans

3.    Dry heaters & wet heaters

4.    Cooling coils

5.    Control panel

The reservoir tank of the instrument carries demineralized water which is connected to the inner chamber with the help of an inlet pipe. The reservoir tank offers a low water level alarm which buzzes and informs the operator every time the water low stoops below the minimum level.

The dry & wet heater present inside the inner chamber in a U-type formation elevates the temperature as per the requirement of the operator. The dry heaters are used in case of dehumidifying and the wet heaters are used for humidifying the conditions around the specimen.

The aerodynamically structured fans ensure uniform heating & cooling around the specimen present within the inner chamber of the humidity conditioning chamber.

The cooling coils are integrated within the walls of the inner chamber with the help of electrical terminals allowing the elevated temperatures to drop down quickly.

The humidity chamber is controlled with the help of an electrical control panel associated outside the inner chamber. The control panel is offered with a preset timer that enables automatic turn off of the equipment once the testing is completed.

There are various other features that are included by the humidity chamber manufacturer to ensure maximum accuracy and single-handed operations.

Features of Humidity Conditioning Chamber  

The humidity chamber manufacturer has designed the lab testing equipment as a feature-enriched product that promotes hassle-free testing and derives accurate results along with long-lasting durability.

The lab testing equipment is offered with an alarm system that indicates when the water level stoops below the minimum level. This allows the operator to keep a check on the reservoir tank at all levels.

The humidity conditioning chamber is also offered with a dual-door inner chamber locking system with a safety lock that disallows random opening and avoids any contact of the inner chamber from the external factors for absolute insulation.

The dry & wet SSR-based heaters are incorporated in the inner chamber in a U-type formation to enable uniform elevation of the temperature around the specimen. Similarly, the cooling coils are also integrated with the help of an electrical terminal for uniform cooling.

To keep a check on uniform heating, the humidity chamber manufacturer has included aerodynamically designed fans with German-made technology which spreads the climatic conditions formed within the inner chamber evenly.

The introduction of the glass window at the doors of the inner chamber allows the manufacturer or the operator to assess & evaluate the reactions of the tested specimen to certain climatic simulations.

The instrument is constructed with a lab-grade stainless steel material that allows the equipment to function without any traces of rusting or corrosion as the instrument works closely with humid environments.

The inclusion of dual caster wheels in the construction of the instrument makes it extremely easy for the operator to move the instrument from one place to another with no hassle at all.

The humidity chamber manufacturer also offers the lab testing instrument at a very reasonable price which enables manufacturers from different industries to assess the quality of raw materials and enhance the durability before completing the final product. This aids them in achieving maximum levels of customer satisfaction and also provides them with brand building due to good customer feedback.

Buy Humidity Chamber

The humidity chamber enhances the quality of the end products by determining the ability of the materials used in the product under extreme climatic conditions. The humidity chamber is available on our website along with various other lab testing instruments that are precisely engineered, aiming at high-quality products. To seek more information regarding the lab testing equipment or to book an order for a humidity conditioning chamber, simply contact us by phone call at +91 9210903903 or state your feedback via e-mail at We are happy to serve you with top-notch lab testing equipment that keeps you at the top of quality. 


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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