How to Place Testing Specimen Accurately On Dart Impact Tester?

How to Place Testing Specimen Accurately On Dart Impact Tester

LDPE or low-density polyethylene has wide use in the packaging industry. From manufacturing plastic wraps to cling films, shrink wraps, and much more, you will find this material ruling all over. Thus, it is important to check the quality of these plastic films before delivering them to your customers. Plastic films are prone to get damaged in various destructive conditions. Thus, you need to make sure that these films will work effectively by testing them thoroughly. For this, you can make use of a dart impact tester from Presto Testing Instruments.

This high-quality testing instrument has been made with a rugged structure and helps you to measure the strength of plastic films when several forces get levied on them. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with brief information about dart impact tester and how you can easily place your testing specimen accurately on this testing machine.

Introduction about dart impact tester

The dart impact tester is one of the effective testing instruments that will be used in the packaging industry to measure the strength of plastic films to withstand the various forces. This testing equipment has been provided with an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism to avoid any type of interference. You can easily test the plastic film resistance to a free-falling dart with the help of this lab testing instrument.

This amazing testing equipment comes with an advanced set of features that will ultimately test your plastic films so that it will provide the best protection to the packaged products. One of the biggest and major forces that a plastic film has to bear is from freely falling weights. The freely falling weight can really damage the plastic films and hence ruin the whole packaging of a product. The dart impact test method is one of the major testing methods that are used for testing the strength of the films and their ability to bear impact from a freely falling dart.

Features of dart impact tester

This quality testing instrument has been provided with an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism so that there will be no interference provided in force exertion. Here we have listed the advanced features of using this amazing lab testing equipment.

  • Electromagnetic hold and release mechanism for the dart to obtain accurate test results.
  • Digital Counter for measuring the number of falls during a single test procedure.
  • Circular annular clamping devices for zero slippage of the specimen during the test.
  • Shielding devices are provided with the machine for the prevention of darts from falling out after the bounce back from the specimen.
  • A must-have for the packaging industry to analyze the strength of plastic films.

Thus, with this advanced set of features, you will be able to test the specimen accurately. The technical specifications of this lab testing equipment are mentioned below.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type of Test – Free Falling test
  • Release Mechanism: Electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism through paddle switch
  • Clamping Unit: Circular annular clamping unit with zero slippage
  • Material: Mild Steel Duly Powder Coated / Sturdy Aluminum structure
  • Inner Diameter of the clamp: 127 mm
  • Diameter Of The Dart Head

- For Method A – 38 mm

- Method B –50.8 mm ± 0.13 mm

  • Maximum attainable height of the dart: 660mm &1524 mm for methods A and B respectively.
  • Dart head Material: Method A Phenolic, Method B Stainless Steel
  • Least Count of the height adjusting scale: 1 mm
  • Pneumatic clamping Pressure: 3-4 Bars (Pneumatic supply in customer scope)
  • Power: 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase

With these technical specifications, you will be able to take a standardized dart impact test and improve the quality of your products. You can follow the accurate testing procedure to conduct a dart impact test with the help of this lab testing instrument.

5 easy steps to place specimen on dart impact tester

Placing the specimen accurately will not only help to complete the testing procedure precisely but also let you get accurate testing results. Thus, we have come up with these easy-to-follow steps that will help you to conduct the dart impact test.

  • Take a specimen of plastic film you want to test with the dimensions that allow the specimen to flow out of the clamping unit for at least 25 mm.
  • Remove the outer clamping ring and separate it from the unit.
  • Now place the specimen in between the lower & upper ring of the Pneumatic clamp.
  • Clamp sample pneumatically using foot Switch (optional/provided on extra cost) Click on Clamp OFF in order to clamp the sample pneumatically.
  • Place dart in Magnetic mechanism sample pneumatically using foot Switch or from the screen by clicking on Magnet ON.

These are some easy-to-follow steps you can opt to conduct a dart impact test.  You can also get information about Surface Coating Testing Instruments. For more assistance on the working, price, discounts, or anything related to our testing instruments, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our technical experts will accurately assist you in an effective way.

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