Presto's Precision: Mastering Impact Resistance with Izod and Charpy Testing

Izod and Charpy Testing
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 22-06-2024

Evaluating how a material reacts to stress or load bearing is a critical factor in materials science and engineering to ensure that the products created are indeed safe and durable in their application. The two main tests used to determine the impact toughness, are the Charpy and Izod tests. These tests offer useful data on how a material can respond to sudden impacting loads, which applies to almost every industry.


Understanding Izod and Charpy Tests


Another test is the Izod impact test one in which a specimen is positioned vertically whilst a swinging pendulum is applied to a notch. The remaining elongation or the amount by which the pendulum swings after hitting the material measures the exact energy taken up by the material, before failure. This test assists in identifying the extent to which a material is capable of withstanding static load. 


On the other hand, the Charpy impact test suspends the specimen’s horizontal and strikes at the mid-span of a swinging pendulum. Like that of the Izod test, the amount of energy required to cause fracture is determined by the pendulum height traveled before returning to the lowest point of its survival. This test assesses a given material’s compacted endurance in the face of shock loading, which in turn avails the necessary information to guarantee structural and safety features of diverse uses.



Izod and Charpy impact testers are used in broad application industries, where impact resistance is crucial. These are as follows: 


Automotive Industry: Assesses items such as bumpers and protective structures since they need to be strong enough to absorb impacts while offering shields to occupants.


Construction Sector: Checks various materials that are used to construct various buildings, bridges, and many other related structures to be able to take an impact and still get structural stability for a long-term Test.


Manufacturing: Evaluates materials used in consumer products and in equipment of different industries, mechanical parts, and improved product life in working conditions.


Significance of Izod/Charpy Testing


These tests are pivotal for:


Quality Assurance: This includes verifying that materials used in a particular product do not pose any hazardous risks to consumers.  At the same time they must have the ability to perform up to the expected standards.


Design Optimization: To positively adopt level 3 test results, integrating report findings in improving product designs and increasing its ability to perform under different conditions.


Failure Analysis: To observe gaps and probable failures under managed impact stresses, examining material behavior in an aimed direction in applications.



Presto Stantest’s Advanced Solutions


Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has premium IZOD Charpy of the latest technology capable for international standard compliance as per the requirements of new-era industries. They offer thorough instruments for testing, all the procedures are as automated as possible and the graphic interfaces are intuitive. 


This capability is important for manufacturers who strive to meet set quality standards and judicial requirements.


To sum up, the Izod and Charpy testing methods are invaluable in determining the impact toughness of material used in different industries. These acts render valuable information on the performance of materials in an impact event, inform product design and manufacturing, and check on required safety standards, and advance research in material science. The objective of delivering sophisticated testing solutions showcased by Presto Stantest emphasizes meeting the requirements of industries as well as enhancing the testing of materials to manufacture safer and more reliable products.


 The IZOD/ Charpy here at Presto is available in two models, namely the classic Digital model and the all-new HMI touchscreen model.


The Digital model consists of a microprocessor-based display for accurate test results. The display for impact / absorbed energy and angle of the test specimen. Here at Presto, separate fixtures for IZOD and Charpy tests are provided. The Capacity of the IZOD is up to 25.02 Joules. This instrument consists of an electromagnetic pendulum release mechanism to ensure compliance with Industrial standards of ASTM D256-10, ASTM D618, ASTM D883-12, ASTM D1204, ASTM D 1248, ASTM E691- 14.


The all-new Prima series offers the HMI display, inbuilt calibration, etc. for highly accurate results.


To enter the League of Precision and Quality compliance, Book the IZOD / Charpy Impact tester NOW!

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