Conduct the Charpy Impact Test to Ensure the Firmness of Hard Plastics

Charpy Impact Test
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The most widely used materials in the world are hard plastics due to their durability and impact resistant qualities at an extremely affordable price. We have often observed that these hard plastics are offered with a guarantee of impact resistance & durable build. 

These materials are easily replaceable by other durable materials like metal, however, the hard plastics are offered at an affordable price as well and these hard plastics ensure longevity by eliminating the factor of rusting & corrosion which can be a great issue for manufacturers of different products. 

This has increased the demand for hard plastics, majorly in the automobile sector since its first usage as an interior of cars and after that consumer electronic devices as the majority of smartphones are made with hard plastics. With the increasing demand, the accountability of manufacturers to accommodate the customers with firmly built raw materials has also paralleled. 

Manufacturers of hard plastics or the manufacturers that consume hard plastics in the manufacturing process of a final product undergo severe testing standards & measures to make sure that the end-consumer receives the finest quality product in order to attain maximum customer satisfaction. 

To help these manufacturers assess the firmness, robustness, and durability against impacts, the Presto Group offers a top-notch lab testing instrument called the Charpy Impact Tester. The instrument is named after the famous scientist Georges Augustin Albert Charpy, who conducted the Charpy Impact Test for the first time in 1900 to determine the strength of a hard plastic when impacted with a certain amount of force with the help of a more durable & firm material. 

Performing the Charpy Impact Test on Hard Plastics 

The impact test apparatus determines the impact resistance of hard plastic by two different testing measures i.e. Charpy impact test & Izod impact test. The difference between the two testing measures is the positioning of the sample in order to achieve maximum accuracy of the impact resistance strength. To conduct the Izod impact test, it is important for the operator to adjust the specimen in a vertical alignment with the help of the grippers, on the contrary, the Charpy impact test requires a horizontal adjustment of the specimen. 

Before conducting the Izod impact test, the specimen needs to be conditioned with the help of a notch cutter, provided as an additional accessory with the impact test apparatus. The notch cutter is an outstanding lab testing equipment that carves out a 2.54mm notch that is V-shaped in appearance to allow the hammer to continue the breakout and determine the exact impact resistance. However, carving out a notch with the notch cutter for conducting the Charpy impact test is not necessary as the sample is positioned horizontally. 

The jaws of the instrument are now adjusted as per the vertical or horizontal placement of the specimen. After the adjustment, the specimen is firmly clamped between the grippers of the jaw.

The operator can now move further in the test by adjusting the weight of the pressure assembly which enables the hammer to exert a certain amount of energy as per the weight. The weight can produce energy ranging from 1 joule to 21 joules as per the standard guidelines and the requirement of the specimen. 

After the weight is installed, the operator can simply release the brake pedal, allowing the hammer to complete a perfect pendulum motion and impact the specimen at the notch in the Izod impact test and on the horizontal end in the Charpy impact test. The hard plastic breaks out into two halves due to the impact and the maximum resistance it can withstand is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display associated with the control panel. 

The operator can simply track the results from the digital display and keep a record of up to 9 previous readings for comparison purposes due to the incorporation of the ‘memory hold’ button. 

The conduction of the Charpy impact test is possible with such ease & facile due to the high-end features inculcated within the instrument. 

Key Attributes of the Charpy/Izod Impact Tester 

The instrument is loaded with top-quality features that not only aid the manufacturer in conducting the tests but also contribute to high levels of accuracy as well as in undertaking expeditious testing measures consistently. 

The foremost feature that has captured the attention of all manufacturers around the globe is the ability of the instrument to conduct both the Charpy impact test as well as Izod impact test under one testing mechanism. 

The instrument also offers a magnetic door that safeguards the operator from any accidents due to the breaking of the hard plastic on impact with the hammer, impacting the specimen in a pendulum motion. 

One of the most widely appreciated characteristics of the instrument is the incorporation of the smooth working control panel that is a combination of feather touch controls and advanced microprocessor-based digital display. The control panel also offers a memory hold feature for critical analysis of test results and tracking of records. 

The lab testing instrument is equipped with grippers that provide a rugged surface to clamp the specimen firmly and ensure no movement when the testing is underway to achieve precise test results. 

Although all the features are extremely outstanding, the instalment of 5 different weight assemblies has really stood out of all as it enables an operator to comply with several standard guidelines. 

 All these features have managed to pull off trust-winning results for manufacturers from the industries utilising hard plastics. You can also store your trust within the Charpy impact tester by getting your hands on the instrument. 

Buy the Phenomenal Izod/Charpy Impact Tester Today 

To conduct the Charpy impact test or the Izod impact test, you can help yourself by buying the top-notch instrument designed by the leading lab testing manufacturer in the country – the Presto Group. 

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