Stay Ahead of the Competition with Advanced Caps and Closure Testing Instruments

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Advanced Caps and Closure Testing Instruments

Are you tired of wondering whether your product's caps and closures are up to par? Do you want to gain a competitive edge in the market by delivering top-notch quality caps and closures every time? If yes, then you should test the quality of caps and closures accurately and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers. From preventing leaks and preserving freshness to enhancing customer satisfaction, manufacturers can easily test different parameters accurately and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers. Presto advanced caps and closure testing instruments help manufacturers in testing each and every aspect of materials so that they will never get an issue regarding the quality of products. 

In this blog, we will discuss brief information about Presto caps closure testing instruments and top bottle testing instruments that you must use.

What are Caps and Closure Testing Instruments?

Caps and closure testing instruments are designed to test the physical properties of bottle caps and closures so that they will not fail in between shipping and transportation. These tests help to ensure that products meet specifications for strength, durability, and function. Closure testing instruments can also be used to evaluate seal quality, identify potential manufacturing defects, and assess product shelf life.
There are a variety of different types of caps and closure testing instruments available on the market, each designed to perform specific tests. If you are searching for the best caps and closure testing instruments, then you can easily go with Presto PET & Preform testing equipment.
These high-quality caps and closure testing equipment will not only help the manufacturers identify the potential differences in the products but also let them deliver products without any quality issues.
Presto is a leading bottle testing instruments manufacturer in Asia and designs high-quality lab testing equipment to test the quality of caps and closures accurately.
Now, let us discuss the top 3 caps and closure testing instruments that you must use.

Top 3 caps and closure testing instruments that you must use in 2023

The significance of testing caps and closures accurately cannot be overstated in industries where product integrity is paramount. Caps and closures serve a crucial role in preserving the quality, safety, and freshness of various products ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverages. Ensuring that these components are tested meticulously guarantees that they fulfil their intended purpose effectively. With Presto caps and closure testing instruments, manufacturers can easily detect the defects present in their products and take meticulous action.
Below we have listed the top 3 caps and closure testing instruments:

1. Torque Tester Digital Model With Printer: Presto torque tester digital is one of the widely used PET & Preform testing equipment that is used to test the torque required to open a closed bottle cap. It has a digital display with a high-end sophisticated read-out with Auto Tare (ZERO) set facility and Peak Hold arrangement. The digital model of torque tester offered by Presto is one of the most efficient and accurate testing instruments that is used in most of the PET industries and bottling plants to test the fastness of the lids and caps of the PET bottles and jars. The instrument is provided with a digital display which allows easy reading of the test results with greater accuracy.

Below we have listed the features of this quality testing equipment:

  • Strong clamping pegs/holders for zero slip gripping support
  • Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability
  • In-house calibration facility
  • Precise measurement of torque
  • Adjustable clamping mechanism to hold different sizes of bottles
  • Highly accurate torque sensor
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Provision to hold peak value in memory
  • 9 Sample readings can be saved on the digital readout
  • Data output in digital display form
  • Safety lock pin to avoid eliminate extra torque application on the sample

2. Secure Seal Tester: Secure Seal Tester is a consistent tool useful to measure the seal integrity on Pet and plastic containers. The secure seal test is one of the most important quality tests carried out at carbonated bottle testing facilities to ensure the leak integrity of bottle caps. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as Secure Seal Tester. It comes with mild steel powder coated with High tensile Plexiglas (with an extra safety shield) and it has pressure, inlet pressure setting, and preset timer functions incorporated for accuracy and repeatability. By detecting gas leakage rather than liquid, the secure seal tester gives more sensitive and accurate readings. The test sample is closed tightly to check for any leakage of gas. 

Below we have listed the features of the Presto secure seal tester:
  • It is an excellent investment.
  • It provides accurate and more sensitive and precise readings.
  • The Strong panel of the machine is meant for industrial automation and embedded applications.
  • The machine is built to perform in challenging environments.
  • Operates at minimum 175psi compressed air
  • Microprocessor-based controls
  • Automatic sample testing through the easy pressure release mechanism
  • Pressure, Inlet Pressure setting, and Preset Timer function incorporated for accuracy and repeatability
  • Changeable Timer Units in Hrs:min: sec
  • Inbuilt Calibration facility
  • Digital Pressure displays for easy pressure monitoring
  • Anodized Aluminum Body with High tensile Plexiglass
3. Vacuum Leak Tester Digital For PET Bottles: A vacuum leak tester for PET Bottles is a proficient testing instrument specially designed for evaluating the seal integrity and leak resistance in all types of PET Bottles. It can be used in various industries, wherever the containers are utilized as a medium of transporting manufactured products or used for storage including food, medicines, beverages etc. The vacuum leak tester by Presto is highly standardized to conduct various sorts of leak integrity testing and contribute to accurate Quality assurance.
Below we have listed the top quality features of this quality testing equipment:
  • Microprocessor-based timer for accuracy and repeatability
  • Meets USP 28 Packaging Practice specification
  • Sample testing through an easy vacuum mechanism
  • Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting and Pre-set Timer functions incorporated
  • Changeable Timer Units in Hrs:min: sec
  • Inbuilt Calibration facility
  • Vacuum gauge for easy pressure monitoring
With these top caps and closures testing instruments, manufacturers can test the quality of materials and ensure that the best quality products will be delivered to the customers. If you want a free sample testing session for this quality testing equipment then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will assist you regarding all your needs and queries.
Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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