Test permanence of corrugated boxes with Presto drop tester

Test permanence of corrugated boxes with Presto drop tester

At Presto, we understand the importance of ensuring that your products are properly tested before they are shipped. That's why we offer a high-quality lab testing instrument known as a drop strength tester. This lab testing machine will be designed to test the strength and durability of materials, so you can be sure that your products will stand up to the rigors of shipping and transportation. With our drop strength tester, you can be confident that your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

The manual model of the drop testing machine has come up with angular drops that will accurately ascertain the transport worthiness of the package from all angles. Here in this article, we will discuss how the Presto drop tester is highly useful in testing the strength & permanence of boxes with ease. So, let us get started!


What is the drop strength test and why you should conduct it?

The carton drop test is an essential aspect of the material's final and pre-shipment inspection. This lab test can assist you in determining the material's quality by providing quantitative conditioning of packaging products when they are placed in corrugated boxes. The information collected from the corrugated carton drop tester can be used to improve the design of packaging products and optimize the packaging process. In addition, this quality test can also help identify potential problems with the shipping and handling of products. By using a carton drop tester, you can ensure that your products are correctly packaged and protected from damage during shipping.

You can easily check the structural integrity of products with the help of the Presto drop strength tester. This lab testing instrument will easily provide you with the ability to deliver zero error results. You can easily test the drop performance of the package with this lab testing equipment.  


Importance of drop strength test

The drop strength test will be conducted to withstand your package with higher drops. This will help you to ascertain the material’s quality. This drop strength testing machine will help you to deliver zero error results and is useful for assessing the drop strength test of cartons with ease.

In the corrugated box industry, dropping strength is considered to be one of the most important performance characteristics to be considered to ascertain the drop strength of the package with ease. This refers to how well a box can withstand being dropped from a given height without sustaining damage.

The main reason for this is that boxes are often stored on high shelves and must be able to withstand being dropped during shipping and handling. To ensure that boxes have sufficient dropping strength, manufacturers often use multiple layers of corrugated board. By increasing the number of layers, manufacturers can increase the amount of energy that the box can absorb before being damaged. As a result, boxes with a higher dropping strength are better able to protect their contents from damage. Below we have listed the features of the Presto drop strength tester.


Features of Presto drop strength tester

Drop tester is widely used in several industries to test and substantiate the potency of corrugated boxes. This testing machine operates by dropping a test specimen from a certain height to ascertain the strength of the specimen. After the accurate dropping height has been set, the specimens are placed on the strong base plate. Drop testing is a cost-effective and safe method that can be used to assess various materials.


Below we have listed the features of the Presto drop strength tester manual model.

  • Provision to uplift test platform by the guide mechanism
  • Drop Height adjustable clamp
  • Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a single Instrument
  • Strong base plate with rugged structure
  • Accurate testing results
  • Easy to use the testing instrument

Technical Specifications of Presto drop strength tester

  • Height: 1.8 meters (Adjustable)
  • Load: Up to 50Kg.
  • Minimum Drop Height: 750mm (0.75 m)
  • Maximum Drop Height: 1800mm (1.8 m)
  • Maximum sample Weight: 50 Kg
  • Sample Mounting table: 465 * 445 mm
  • An adjustable angle holder is provided with the device.

Type of tests:

- Straight Drop

- Angular Drop

  • Safety: Locking pin
  • Standards: IS:7028 Pt IV

With these features and technical specifications, it will be easy for you to test the ascertaining of packages and determine their transport worthiness. To get a FREE sample testing session for this lab testing instrument, you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Whether you need help choosing the right machine for your needs or guidance on how to get the most out of your equipment, our team will be there to assist you. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and see how our lab testing instruments will help you take your business to the next level.


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