Use of Drop Tester to Check the Structural Integrity of the Product

Use of Drop Tester to Check the Structural Integrity of the Product

Do you want your products to be "dead on arrival" due to shipping problems that can irreparably damage the product? Imagine collaborating with your supplier to create a flawless, high-quality product that fulfills all of your requirements but, when you get the consignment in your warehouse, you discover that the shipping cartons have disintegrated and the contents have been ruined beyond repair. Your profit-generating shipment will become unsellable. Thus, to make sure that your cartons will not get ruptured or damaged due to heavy drops, you should take a carton drop test. You can take help from the Presto drop tester manual model to ascertain the transport worthiness of corrugated boxes, fiberboards, cartons, etc.

This lab testing instrument has an angled drop configuration that allows you to correctly determine the package's transit worthiness from all angles. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how Presto drop tester is helpful in checking the structural integrity of products.

Why are carton drop tests important in the packaging industry? 

The carton drop tests are considered as a standard aspect of the material's final and pre-shipment inspection. This test can assist you in determining the materials' quality. You can quantify the conditioning of packaging products when they are placed in corrugated boxes by using a corrugated carton drop tester. If any of these problems are discovered, your carton will fail this test:

  • The condition of the cartons has been irreparably impacted.
  • Corrugated boxes have been damaged on the inside.
  • If your goods have any signs of deformation, scratches, or other damage.
  • Any issue with the product's functionality.

If the above conditions will occur, then you need to improve the quality of your carton/corrugated box. This drop test machine from Presto Testing Instruments is standardized testing equipment that will help you to deliver zero error results. It is also useful in assessing the drop performance of the boxes. To conduct this test accurately with the help of a face drop testeryou can easily place the specimen accurately on this drop testing instrument.

In the corrugated box business, the Presto corrugated carton drop tester will be widely utilized to test and prove the potency of plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. Let's talk about its features and technical details now.

Features of Presto drop tester manual model

This edge drop tester is an important lab testing equipment that is used for determining the performance of corrugated boxes. To test the carton's strength, it will be dropped from a particular height. The product designers built additional features into this corner drop tester to make the test go faster. Let's have a look at some of its advanced features:

  • Handheld control box to raise and lower drop arm with the package on drop arm.
  • Drop Height adjustable clamp.
  • Manual handle actuated.
  • Strong base plate and rugged structure
  • Can be useful to conduct angular and straight drop tests

With these features, you will be able to test the dropping ability of these cartons from a particular height. Now, let us focus on its technical specifications.

Technical Specifications of Presto drop tester (manual)

  • Testing height: Drop Height Min. 750mm, max 1800mm
  • Max. dimension of Box that can be tested: Standard L 465 x W 445 x H 500 mm (Optional dropping platform sizes also available on request)
  • Max weight of Box to be tested: Up to 50 Kg
  • Opening Actuation: Manual through the lever
  • Top Edge Holding Device: Included
  • Height Measuring Scale least count: 1 mm
  • Base dimension (Floor Space): 950 x 600 mm

You will be able to test the package against free falls, tumbles, and other sorts of handling damage that may occur during shipping using this amazing edge drop testerTo know about the price, specifications, and other related information regarding this lab testing instrument, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at

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