Test the Plastic Packaging for Best Quality Assurance

Test the Plastic Packaging for Best Quality Assurance


Plastics are considered as the best source of packaging because it does not react when comes in direct contact with chemicals, neither it hampers the quality of the product which is packed inside. Therefore, it is considered as the best medium of packaging to pack, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, food and beverages, other crucial items that are directly related to the health of the human beings. These plastic packaging products are used in the form of vacuum pouches, plastic & PET bottles, BOPP tapes, stretch and cling films, small containers, and many more. With the wide usage of such packaging products, it becomes the core responsibility of the manufacturers to test the quality of the plastics before producing plastic packaging products. The quality of the plastic packaging can be ensured by making use of high-quality of packaging products testing instruments.

Some Testing Machines Used to Test Packaging

  • Vacuum Leak TestersPackaging packets such as sachets, tetra packs, pet bottles and other materials are filled with gasses in order to create vacuum inside the packages to maintain the freshness of the products. If the vacuum of these products gets leaked, it will damage the quality of the products. Vacuum Leak Testers are used to perform the vacuum leak test on packed containers.
  • Peel Adhesion Strength Testers BOPP takes are also used as a plastic packaging material to pack the products safely. If the peeling strength of the tapes is not good, it will harm the quality of packaging during warehousing & transportation and can affect the quality of the products that are packed inside. Peel Adhesion strength testers are used to measure the peeling strength of the adhesive tapes such as BOPP tapes and many
  • Dart Impact Strength Testers If weight is dropped on a plastic material and it gets damaged, it means the dart impact strength of the film is not up to the mark. Need to be determined to compute that how much impact strength a sample can bear to its maximum. Dart Impact testers are used to examine the impact resistance strength of the plastic packaging

Presto Stantest offers a wide range of packaging products testing instruments that help the manufacturers to test the quality of the products before delivering the same to the end customers. The entire range of machines is designed keeping in mind the standards. The well-engineered and state of the art machines are used to fulfill the purpose of testing in all packaging products production verticals.

To get more assistance regarding this testing instrument, you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We will surely assist you with your queries.

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