Use Box Compression Tester to Save Your Corrugated Boxes against Compression

Box Compression Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Box Compression Tester is a lab testing instrument designed with utmost precision to indicate the compression strength required to deform or break a corrugated box. You might have witnessed corrugated boxes being broken or deformed while ordering something from an online platform. This Box Compression Tester is used to avoid such a situation and ensure the durability of the corrugated boxes while stacking to make sure that the items inside the box remain intact.

The instrument is ergonomically designed to replicate real-life incidents of box stacking over one another to avoid any uncertainties and jeopardies while transit or storage stacking.

Functioning of a Box Compression Strength Tester


A box compression Tester is used to measure the compression strength of a corrugated box. The Box Compression Strength Tester starts functioning once the sample is placed on the platform. 

After the sample placement, the platform on top of the sample is connected to the lead screw. The platform’s size is 400mm X 450mm.

Through the help of the lead screw connected with the platform, the platform starts moving downwards at a speed that holds compliance with the standards.

As the platform starts moving downwards with a maximum force of 500kgF the sample (corrugated box) starts deforming due to the uniform pressure applied from the top in a downward motion.

At this point of testing, the Box Compression Tester is simulating the real-life incident of stacking corrugated boxes over one another. Once the box is fully compressed and hits the maximum compression value as depicted on the digital meter the instrument due to the provision of the limit switches stops then and there, avoiding any sort of hazards or jeopardies. This makes the functioning of the machine extremely easy and hassle-free.

The working is made super smooth and easy and the box compression tester price makes it extremely easy for the paper and packaging manufacturers to use it. 

Features of Box Compression Tester

The box compression strength tester is designed with enhanced precision when it comes to features as it is necessary to provide a hassle-free experience for the manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry.

Presto being the Asia’s top Box Compression Tester manufacturer has designed the instrument with a circular lead screw which makes the functioning of the motorized platform extremely smooth thus contributing towards the accuracy as well as ensuring no malfunctions whatsoever.

The instrument also delivers a maximum force range of 500kgF and is also available in different models that possess up to 1000kgF. The product also has other variants including box compression tester computerised which is an even handy assembly for conducting box compression strength tests.

The lab testing instrument also provides limit switches in order to avoid any jeopardies or security lapses once the testing is completed and also enables an operator to not be physically present all the time during the conduction of the test.

The instrument carries a microprocessor-based display for accurate testing of all the corrugated boxes and the bright LED Display enables the operator to record the readings easily by reducing human error.

The provision of the ‘peak & tare button’ also allows the operator to keep track of previous readings and enjoy further benefits of the same in the Box Compression Tester Computerised model.

The Box Compression Tester also has a rugged platform surface to ensure the perfect placement of the specimen and make sure that the specimen does not move and remains correctly positioned while the test is being conducted.

The lab testing instrument becomes very easy to use because of the handy feather touch controls for the working of the instrument. These controls enable the operator to perform all the functions and operations with just a single hand without any hassle at all.

The Box Compression Strength manufacturer has also made sure to develop the instrument in a durable standard condition as it is made with an amalgamation of stainless steel, metal, and mild steel coated with a 7 layer powdered paint to ensure anti-corrosive properties and avoid factors like rusting and corrosion for a very long time.

The instrument is also technically manufactured when adhering to its blue and grey aesthetics making the instrument look elegant.

Presto Stantest Private Limited has provided all the top-notch features within the Box Compression Strength Tester and made sure that the chances of human error are minimal, only then will the instrument be able to deliver accurate results consistently for a long duration. You can read more on how to use a box compression tester more effectively. 


Box Compression Tester is a lab testing instrument designed to indicate the capability of corrugated boxes to resist compression to ensure that their compressive strength is firm enough to avoid any sort of deforming or breakage while stacking during storage or transportation. The corrugated box is compressed with the help of a motorised platform moving downwards from the top simulating the pressure a box will withstand while getting stacked.

This lab testing instrument is manufactured to measure the strength and performance of corrugated boxes and ensure the effects on the carton from other mediums like board, closures & interior partitions are not adverse enough to break or deform the box. Presto Stantest Private Limited is the best Box Compression Tester manufacturer in Asia to assist the paper & packaging industry for their box compression testing needs. The hassle-free operations and ergonomic design make this instrument highly valuable.

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