What are the Key Features of Vacuum Leak Test Apparatus?

What are the Key Features of Vacuum Leak Test Apparatus?

The bottles & jars are an extremely important commodity or packaging material for the end consumer. It makes it extremely important for the manufacturers of these bottles to provide maximum customer satisfaction by assessing & evaluating the bottles against several testing measures.

One such important testing measure to enhance the quality of bottles is testing their vacuum leakage. You might have observed that the aerated drinks lose their fizz after a point of time, this happens due to the vacuum leakage.

To ensure the perfect tightening and seal integrity of bottles & jars, Presto Stantest Private Limited has an amazing lab testing instrument to offer the manufacturers of these bottles and jars called the vacuum leak test apparatus.

The instrument is designed ergonomically to evaluate & determine the vacuum leakage (if any) in a bottle or a jar which helps the manufacturer to fix the leakage issues at early stages rather than fixing them after mass production which can lead to hefty losses.

It is pertinent to know how the instrument works and functions, assisting manufacturers from the PET & bottle manufacturing industry to curb the problem of vacuum leakage.

Functioning Mechanism of Vacuum Leak Test Apparatus

The vacuum testing machine is designed with top-notch engineering standards along with an operator-friendly approach to assist the manufacturer in performing tests with absolute facile & ease.

To commence the vacuum leak test for PET bottles, the operator has to prepare the specimen as per the designated standards and its compliances.

The testing can be conducted with both wet & dry medium (in the case of wet medium, demineralized water must be used).

The testing takes place within the desiccator, therefore it is necessary to place the specimen within the desiccator once it is prepared & conditioned successfully.

After placing the specimen in the desiccator, it is extremely important to close the desiccator lid correctly to ensure no leakage of the air pressure formed within the desiccator.

The air pressure is then exerted within the desiccator with the help of an air pressure flow control valve associated right at the outside of the instrument to enable easy control.

The operator can simply assess the exertion of the air pressure from the flow control valve in the acrylic chamber (desiccator) by the provision of an air pressure gauge.

The specimen kept within the chamber is filled with vacuum from the inside due to the air pressure around it, forcing pressure on its walls. If the specimen ruptures due to high levels of air pressure, the specimen is declared to fail. However, in the case of water-medium testing, the operator can observe bubbling and find out that the specimen is ruptured or contaminated.

The instrument is also equipped with an LED display to indicate the time a specimen was able to withstand air pressure & secure vacuum within its walls.

There are certain features included by Presto Stantest Private Limited in the vacuum leakage tester that help the operator gain an edge over its competitors and attain maximum output from it. You can easily make the use of this quality testing equipment for bottles for testing HDPE bottles.

Key Features of Vacuum Leak Test Apparatus

The accurate conduction of the vacuum leak test for PET bottles is extremely important and must be performed necessarily in consideration of compliance with designated standards along with USP 28 Packaging.

The instrument is designed with adherence to these standards:

1. ASTM 4991-07 (2015)

2. ASTM F2338-09 (2013)

3. ASTM D6653

4. ASTM D3078

5. ASTM D5094

The vacuum leak test apparatus runs on an extremely simplistic mechanism called the easy vacuum mechanism allowing the manufacturer to assess the operator perform single-handed operations and achieve high accuracy repeatedly.

The instrument is equipped with an acrylic chamber that ensures no leakage of air pressure and adds to the durability of the desiccator along with a preset timer that ensures time-based testing.

The preset timer has an option of changing the time zones from Hrs: Min: Sec, allowing the manufacturer/operator to conduct testing on their own terms with absolute ease.

Crafted with a 7-layered powder-coated paint, the instrument is engineered to ensure prolonged durability and safeguard against rusting or corrosion. Manufacturers often have various inquiries concerning the vacuum leakage tester. As the leading lab testing equipment manufacturer, it is the duty of Presto Stantest Private Limited to answer all the questions that may arise.  

FAQs Regarding Vacuum Leak Test Apparatus

Ques. What is the vacuum leak detection method?

Ans. The vacuum leak tester for bottles runs on the mechanism of vacuum testing into different mediums i.e. wet and dry.

Ques. Give a brief information about vacuum leak test

Ans. Conducting a vacuum leak test on PET bottles is a critical step in evaluating their vacuum leakage properties. This test ensures the reliability of bottles or containers by assessing their ability to maintain vacuum integrity. The precision-designed instrument is specifically tailored for this purpose, guaranteeing accurate and efficient testing. By ensuring the highest standards of quality control, this process contributes significantly to enhancing customer satisfaction and ultimately aids in building a strong brand reputation.


Ques. How to find the vacuum leaks in the fastest way?

Ans. The quickest method to detect a vacuum leak is by employing the ergonomically engineered vacuum leak tester provided by the Presto Group. This device facilitates conducting a vacuum leak test in two distinct mediums. When testing in a dry medium, vacuum leakage becomes evident upon specimen rupture. Conversely, when testing in a wet medium, such as demineralized water, the presence of vacuum leakage is indicated by observable bubbling.

Buy Vacuum Leak Tester for Bottles

In order to evaluate any sort of vacuum leakage from bottles & jars you can simply get your hands on the ergonomically designed vacuum leak test apparatus. If you need more information like vacuum leak tester price, features or technical specifications then contact us at +919210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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