What is the difference between the 90o and 180o peel adhesion Test?

What is the difference between the 90o and 180o peel adhesion Test?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Using flexible paper & packaging products is the very need of manufacturers when it comes to packaging items for shipping and transportation. Examples of these packaging materials are laminates, plastic sheets, tapes, and other related products.

The manufacturers of items use flexible packaging material because of their durable quality along with the peel, seal, bond, and adhesive strength that they possess. Their ability to safeguard packed products enables the manufacturer of the product to trust them as their primary source of packaging.

Although these flexible packaging materials are a durable resort for manufacturers, not assessing their quality before utilizing them in the production process is too big of a risk to take with the packaged items as these materials are used for the packaging of sensitive, perishable as well as expensive items.

To escalate the assurance level to a higher stage, the Presto Group offers a lab testing instrument called the Peel Strength Tester. The instrument is designed with absolute precision to aid manufacturers in attaining high levels of accuracy by testing these materials against their peel/ seal/ bond/ adhesion strength. Along with packaging the instrument also comes in handy in assessing the adhesive strength of labels pasted with adhesives over the packaging of products to provide necessary information regarding the same.

The instrument works on a simplistic mechanism of evaluating the peeling strength of the specimen by pulling apart its ends. The testing is performed both horizontally (180 degrees angle) and vertically (90 degrees angle) which is adjusted through the positioning of the equipment of the machine. Let us dive into the working mechanism of the peel adhesion tester.

Working Mechanism of the Peel Strength Tester

The lab testing instrument is designed with an operator-friendly approach to aid the operator in conducting tests with absolute facile and minimal hassle.

To begin with the testing, the operator must segregate the two bonded/ sealed ends of the specimen by dipping the specimen for 15-20 minutes into a chemical called toluene enriched with anti-adhesive properties.

The operator must make sure that the specimen has a length of more than 25 mm because the minimum separation among the grippers of the instrument is 25 mm.

After the proper conditioning of the sample, the operator simply clamps the same into the grippers which ensures no movement due to the presence of a rugged surface, holding the specimen with maximum friction. 

A linear pathway of motion is followed by the bottom gripper to separate from the top gripper that remains stationary. The two ends of the specimen held by each other are peeled away from each other forcing an adhesive peel strength over the specimen.

The instrument has a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates accurate test results along with the maximum load value that the specimen was able to withstand during the application of adhesive peel strength.

The operator can simply record all the data & results from the microprocessor-based digital display and also hold the maximum value of the test results for easy recording as well as accurate testing measures.

The Instrument is occupied with certain quality features as well that enable the lab testing instrument to achieve higher accuracy levels and thus gain the trust of manufacturers from all around the industries.

High-Quality Features of Peel Strength Tester

The peel strength tester is a feature-enriched product, made with top-quality equipment to aid manufacturers achieve high levels of accuracy and operators in performing single-handed testing.  

The most premium feature of the lab testing instrument is the ability of the grippers to travel as far as 300mm from 25mm, this ensures expeditious testing and compliance with the necessary standards.

The peel tester also enables the operator to keep track of all the records due to the incorporation of the microprocessor-based digital display which indicates the maximum load value and offers a tare & peak feature as well as a memory hold of up to 9 readings.

The instrument performs testing at both 90 degrees and 180 degrees to assist absolutely accurate test results thus minimizing the scope of error or inaccuracy.

The peel adhesion tester is equipped with strong gripping clamps with rugged surfaces that ensure no slippage of the specimen during the course of testing to ensure absolutely accurate output.

There are certain questions that arise in the minds of manufacturers regarding the highly advanced & accurate lab testing instrument which need to be answered to shred away confusion.

FAQs regarding the Peel Strength Tester?

Ques. Why is it necessary to condition the specimen before assessing its adhesive peel strength with the peel tester?

Ans. The grippers of the peel strength tester are situated at a minimum distance of 25 mm which makes it necessary for the operator to have a specimen that lengthens at least 25 mm or more to be clamped in the grippers. The specimen needs to be conditioned under toluene chemical before testing in order to segregate the two ends and thus clamp them with the grippers.

Ques. What is the SI unit of the attained results from the conduction of the peel strength test?

Ans. The unit in which the results are obtained is Newton per millimeter, however, it is important to acknowledge that the results are derived as millimeter width and not millimeter length.   

As the leading lab testing instrument producer in the country, it is the duty of the Presto Group to help you fetch answers to the rising questions among manufacturers.

Acquire a Peel Strength Tester Today

As a manufacturer, it must be very tough to struggle with testing measures every day. This is the reason that presto makes such amazing lab testing instruments to help manufacturers comply with standards and achieve desired results with minimum effort.

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