A Guide to Choosing the Right Box Compression Testing Machine

A Guide to Choosing the Right Box Compression Testing Machine

If you are working in a corrugated box industry, then you must have the idea of a compression testing machine. This is one of the majorly used testing instruments used in the packaging industry that will help you to determine the compressive force required to compress the material. This is because the strength of corrugated boxes matters the most while delivering your material accurately. The corrugated boxes with higher compression strength are strong enough to hold the material and transport it without causing much damage to it. Thus, with the use of a Presto box compression tester, you can easily conduct compression tests for your corrugated or cardboard boxes and ensure to deliver high-quality materials to your customers. This is a most versatile testing machine which makes the use of compressive force to determine your material strength.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with a guide that will help you choose the right compression testing machine. We will also provide you with brief information about the Presto box compression tester computerized model and how it is useful in conducting the box compression test.

Introduction about Presto box compression tester-computerized

If you are searching for the best testing instrument to determine the box compression strength of the material, then we suggest you go with the Presto box compression tester-computerized model. This is one of the amazing testing instruments that will help you to ensure that your box will remain safe during transit and storage. The box compression strength is a reliable way of determining the strength of a corrugated box or any other material that is used for making packaging boxes. The Presto’s box compression tester is used for performing compression tests to determine the actual and accurate strength of the packaging containers. The main purpose of the Presto box compression tester is to improve the quality of materials so as to deliver the best products to your customers. Here are a certain set of features that you will get with the Presto box compression tester.

  • High testing range
  • Compression plates for proper placement of the test specimen.
  • Compression nut provided with the machine to adjust the alignment of the compression plate.
  • Micro-controller-based peak load indicator for accurate readout and storage of test results.
  • Limit switches protection for the protection of grips and the machine.
  • Powder-coated body with a corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Easy to operate

Technical specifications of Presto box compression tester-computerized

  • Platform Size: 1000 mm X 1000 mm
  • Maximum Load range: 1000 kgf
  • Test Speed Range: 10 ± 2 mm/min
  • Home position return Speed: 50 mm/min ± 10%
  • Load Monitoring: Peak Load indicator with digital readout and peak hold feature
  • Load Sensor: S-type Load Cell
  • Load accuracy: ±3% full scale (with the master load.)
  • Deflection: ±3% full scale
  • Least count: 200gm/1kgf
  • Load Cell Overload safety: <80% of the total load
  • Motor Power: 2HP
  • Motor Speed: 1350 RPM three-phase motor
  • Safety Feature: Upward and downward fixed and movable limit switches
  • Over Load relay contact rating: Potential free relay 5 Amp. 220 V AC single phase
  • Main supply: 220 V AC single phase 50 Hz
  • Earthing Required: Proper Earthing required corresponding not more than 4 V AC with respect to neutral

Tips that help you in selecting the right compression testing machine

Whenever you head towards the purchase of a box compression tester, then you must follow these amazing tips that will help you select the right compression testing machine. The Presto box compression tester will easily fulfill all your box compression testing needs. Here are those tips:

  • Compatibility: The first and foremost thing that you must consider is that how many samples can be tested with this testing machine. Also, make sure about the size of the sample that a machine can handle.
  • Load range: Another important aspect to take care of is load range. Take care of maximum and minimum load range of materials while selecting the box compression tester. When you determine the load range, then you will be able to place the specimen accurately.
  • Precautions: While performing the test, you must consult with the expert about the precautions that you should take. Also, keep a check on the safety features that a machine can provide.
  • Strength and durability: Another factor to be taken care of is the strength and durability of this testing machine. You must choose a machine with high strength and durability.

These are some important factors that you must take care of while selecting the compression tester.  You can also get information about Corrugated Testing Instruments. YTo know more about this testing machine including its price, models, etc. give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We will assist you with the required information.

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