Box Compression Strength Testing Machine

Box Compression Strength Testing Machine

Presto designs and manufactures the box compression strength testing machine to test the quality of the corrugated boxes (used in most packaging industries to pack food item or other items), paper boards, cartons, paper cases, beehive crates and many more.


The test is performed to determine the maximum load range a box or a carton can tolerate till it deformed. For most of the packaging industries, corrugated boxes are a reliable and efficient source to pack the food and other items because maximum industries do not prefer plastic packaging. The instrument is best to control the quality of the boxes and allow better protection and safe transportation of the products stored.

The testing procedure of box compression strength testing machine is based on the load and bend analysis procedure that allows easy comparison of quality of cartons, fiber boards, and closures with the standard specimen. This testing is crucial for the manufacturers of corrugated boxes, which are used to pack the goods and therefore, placed one above the other at the time of transportation causing compression. Due to compression of boxes, the goods packed inside could get damaged. Therefore, quality and compressive strength of the boxes must be checked with the prior testing procedure to ensure the safety of the products that are stored in the boxes.

A test specimen of the corrugated box is placed between two parallel plates, and maximum pressure is applied until the sample deformed completely. The procedure is performed by setting the standard time period in the digital panel provided. This determines the maximum compression strength to compress the test specimen and aids the manufacturers to select the right quality of the corrugated boxes and prevents damage to packed products.

The prior testing procedures assure the best strength and quality of material before manufacturing into a final product. The instrument is designed with a heavy metal base plate, autumn gray and blue color painting. The intense zinc plating is used for corrosion resistant finish. Presto provides an instruction manual, calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs plus an electrical wiring diagram.

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