Ascertaining Stress Transparency with the Polariscope Strain Viewer

Polariscope Strain Viewer
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The production process of a plastic bottle, container, plastic bag, and other plastic products starts with the melting of polymer granules & resins into preforms. These preforms are then converted & shaped into the final product. However, it becomes vital for manufacturers to check & evaluate each & every step that is undertaken towards the building of the final product. The approach of checking & evaluating the production process safeguards the manufacturer from losses that may occur due to faulty mass production as in factories and industrial sectors, production is carried out on large scales.

The polymer granules are converted into preform and are assessed by their melt flow index in order to make sure that the melting of polymer granules and high temperatures is even and does not affect the quality of the preform. To verify the same, the preforms are evaluated under a controlled lighting condition to measure the uncertainties (if any), and these uncertainties, stress, strains, or irregularities are fixed before converting them into the final product or shaping it into the carving of the final product.

The testing of the preform is an absolutely important task to be performed with utmost precision to ensure the durability & quality of the final product. The Presto Group has designed a top-quality lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers from all across the country in order to attain high-end test results with pinpoint accuracy while determining the strains & stress in the performance.

The lab testing instrument is called the polariscope strain viewer which is designed with top-end engineering to make sure that all the strains & irregularities in the preform are highlighted under certain lighting conditions and the operator can get rid of all the uncertainties before using the preform in the production process and ensure high-quality final product.

Let us take a look at how the polariscope strain viewer functions and serves accuracy-driven test results over & over again without any hassle at all with such consistency.

Working Procedure of the Polariscope Strain Viewer

The polariscope strain viewer manufacturer i.e. the Presto Group has made sure that the instrument is equipped with all the necessary characteristics that are required for achieving accurate test results.

To conduct the test on the instrument, the foremost measure that is undertaken is to place the sample on either of the two angles i.e. 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The two angles for positioning the preform (sample) are important as they both allow the operator to evaluate the refraction or refractive index of light when contacted with the surface of the polymer preform.

The refractive index is generated because of the dual light assembly that is associated with the platform for sample placement of the polariscope strain viewer. The two lights include a CFL light along with a sodium light that is installed as a white & red light combination which exposes the uncertainties.

To be a little more precise, the sodium light is in an assembly of numerous lasers passing through the sample, these lasers expose the strains & stress in case of uneven refraction. However, these refractions are highlighted for an easy visualisation of unevenness with the help of the CFL light bulb installed. The bright white light from CFL exaggerates the strains and allows the operator to simply determine the unevenness by adhering to the chart provided along with the instrument that indicates how the specimen should appear and how it should not when a certain light is passed through it.

The polariscope strain viewer manufacturer has made sure to aid the operator of the instrument with a wide viewing area to attain perfect visualization of the sample and maximize the necessity of the test results.

The instrument is used for numerous aspects as it offers the most futuristic & technology-driven working module which serves manufacturers with not only the assessment of irregularities but also numerous other qualitative aspects that are later possessed by the final product.

Polariscope Strain Viewer Uses for Manufacturers

The futuristic lab testing instrument is designed to serve manufacturers with maximum output and minimal input of effort. The variable polariscope strain viewer uses enhances the requirement & demand of the instrument in the case of quality achievements.

The foremost use of the instrument is to determine the irregularities that might occur due to faults in the previous steps of melting the polymer granules, assessment of the melt flow index, or conversion of these granules into a preform of hard plastic.

Since the polariscope strain viewer is a lab testing instrument that is undertaken by the approach of checks & balances, the instrument is the threshold of quality and thus provides quality assurance by reaching the pinnacle of testing and determining uncertainties if any.

At the polariscope price, it becomes one of the rarest instruments that conduct non-destructive or breakproof testing of the sample, ensuring the maximum output of the production process that was laid out by the instrument.

The instrument also aids manufacturers in perfectly analyzing the quality & property differences of materials by evaluating the material upon its physical as well as mechanical properties. The instrument exposes the ductility, durability, elasticity, and other properties under the dual lighting assembly i.e. the CFL light bulb as well as the Sodium laser light lamp.

All these variable uses are available at a polariscope price that has never been offered before by any other company with such accuracy-driven test results. The instrument helps you comply with the guidelines of ASTM standards at an extremely affordable polariscope strain viewer price.

Book the Polariscope Strain Viewer Right Away

The Polariscope strain viewer aids you in determining the uncertainties in the polymer preform in the initial stages to avoid production losses. If you also want to provide a good quality product with utmost precision, you can get your hands on the instrument right away by reaching out to our website.

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