Attain Airtight Integrity of Packaging Pouches with the Vacuum Leakage Tester

Vacuum Leakage Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Attaining seal security is the foremost responsibility of a packaging manufacturer. The use of pouches as packaging products has become highly prevalent and as they can be seen packaging a wide array of products ranging from perishable to electronic devices as they have the ability to tightly pack the specimen by eradicating the connection of product with the external atmosphere and act as a protective layer at the same time.

Since plastic pouches are used as the prime packaging material in the pharma industry, they are supposed to carry highly toxic & reactive fluids that might cause jeopardies if in contact with the environment. To avoid such jeopardies the seal integrity of these materials is closely measured and ensured that they attain airtight integrity before installing and assembling the final products.

Another reason that enhances the vitality of vacuum leak testers is standard compliances that a lot of packaging manufacturers are unable to attain and therefore do not qualify for competing with their packaging materials in the market and end up incurring huge losses due to faulty mass production measures.

To optimize the process through the checks & balances method, the Presto Group offers a lab testing instrument – the vacuum leakage tester.

The lab testing equipment is designed to serve manufacturers with maximum facile by measuring the seal integrity through a vacuum pressure mechanism. The instrument assesses any leakages and allows the operator to detect uncertainties in the container.

Operating Mechanism of the Vacuum Leakage Tester

The Vacuum leakage tester has an extremely simplistic working module that streamlines the testing process and determines the uncertainties in the plastic pouches or sachets carrying crucial items with high levels of accuracy.

To commence the test for determining leakages and the quality of seal integrity, the operator has to place the specimen in the specimen positioning bowl also known as the desiccator.

The operator must make sure that the desiccator lid of the instrument is firmly closed to avoid any interaction with the external atmosphere from the internal one. Afterwards, the operator can increase the flow of air pressure inside the desiccator through an air pressure valve associated with the vacuum testing machine.

The air pressure surrounds the specimen kept inside the desiccator bowl, allowing the vacuum inside the packaged specimen to exert pressure on the walls of the sachet or pouch. In the case of a fluid-carrying pouch, the packed item leaks out of the package and the leakage factor is determined. 

On the contrary, in the case of a solid carrying sachet or pouch, the formation of vacuum is not proper i.e. the pouch or sachet does not inflate and the deflation determines the leakage or faulty seal integrity.

The adjustment of the air pressure through the valve can be monitored by the operator with the help of the associated air pressure gauge that indicates the air pressure supplied within the desiccator.

The operator can also measure the time that the specimen can withstand before exposing leakages and faults in the seal integrity of the specimen with the help of the microprocessor-based digital display.

The testing of various packages & sachets could have been a hassle if the Presto Group didn’t instill top-notch features within the lab testing equipment.

Advanced Features of the Vacuum Leakage Tester

The vacuum testing machine is offered with highly advanced features that aid manufacturers from various industries to evaluate leakages & seal integrity in an extremely quick & accurate manner.

The vacuum leak tester for packaging has an ergonomically designed desiccator lid that has a firm gripping mechanism at the borders to ensure that the insulation remains intact and prevents the air pressure from leaking outside the sample testing area.

Another top-notch feature of the vacuum leak tester for packaging is the pressure valve integration along with the pressure gauge that allows the operator to dictate the terms of the testing measure and increase/ decrease the air pressure as per the requirement inside the desiccator. All of this can be easily evaluated with the help of the pressure gauge indicating the exerted pressure.

The desiccator of the instrument is built with flexi glass that allows the operator to keep an eye on the specimen during the course of testing, allowing the operator to adjust the pressure and the time accordingly.

The instrument is also equipped with a futuristic control panel that has variable controls for the conduction of the test along with a timer and its indicator on the microprocessor-based digital display.

The vacuum testing machine allows the operator to provide a sense of assurance to all the manufacturers as it complies with all the designated standards i.e. ASTM F2338-09 ASTM D4991-07 & ASTM D6653.

Before getting your hands on the lab testing instrument, it is necessary to check the specifications of the instrument. The Presto Group also offers customisations for a better & enhanced testing experience.

Specs of the Vacuum Leak Tester

  • The vacuum levels of the instrument are adjustable from a range of 600 Mb to 800 Mb.

  • The material used to support the robust construction of the instrument is PMMA – a type of polished transparent.

  • The dimensions of the box can vary from customer to customer as the specimen size differs largely in every industry. For example, the pharmaceutical industry uses small-sized testers whereas the aerospace industry uses big testing instruments due to bigger sample sizes.

  • The instrument is delivered with a vacuum generator for superficial working.

Place an Order for the Vacuum Leak Tester Right Away!

To determine the seal integrity and evaluate any leakages in the sachets you can get your hands on the top-quality lab testing instrument – the vacuum leak tester.

The instrument is available in different sizes & customizations due to the variable models it is offered in. Find out the best one for yourself and your product by visiting our website.

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