Attain Firm & Integrated Bottle Closures with the Digital Torque Tester

Attain Firm & Integrated Bottle Closures with the Digital Torque Tester

The utilization of bottles & containers is extremely popular all across industries when it comes to the packaging of fluid materials as well as other uncountable items like lentils, pulses, etc. The usage of bottles & containers enhances the storage standards of these products and prevents them from getting contaminated due to exposure to the environment.

The exposure to the environment is not prevented by the bottles & containers but rather by the closures associated with them such as bottle caps & container seals. These bottle closures or caps are firmly placed and integrated to ensure that they prevent the packed items from getting spilled, spoiled or wasted in the case of transportation or any other hassle. 

The bottle closure integrity is an extremely important & vital part of the final product as it allows the instrument to function with a lot more durability, providing assurance. However, as a consumer, you must have experienced hardly tightened bottle closures which are difficult to open. This also causes hefty losses to brand owners as consumers avoid the hassle of opening closures with integration above the necessary levels. Therefore, there is a very fine margin when it comes to attaching bottle closures which must be attained by all manufacturers.

To determine the accurate clamping of bottle closures, the Presto Group offers an outstanding lab testing equipment called the digital torque tester. The instrument is designed with extreme precision & top-notch quality to determine the torque required to open bottle closures in order to attain firm integration and ensure consumer satisfaction at the same time.

The equipment enables the operator to find uncertainties in the integration of bottle closures and provides room for the manufacturer to fix them by indicating accurate test results with its simplistic testing procedure.

Testing Procedure of the Digital Torque Tester

The working mechanism of the torque tester is extremely simplistic which encourages manufacturers from different industries to get their hands on the instrument and achieve maximum accuracy levels while determining the required torque for opening bottle closures.

To initiate the testing module, the first & foremost step is the removal of the safety latch from the base plate. This latch ensures that the base plate does not move on its own before or after the conduction of the test.

The next step is to place the specimen on the base plate, however, the operator of the instrument must make sure that the specimen does not exceed the clamping diameter of the 4 red-colored knobs.

Once the specimen is placed as per the requirement, the operator can use the rotary wheel of the instrument to clamp the specimen with these 4 clamping knobs. The 4-way clamping of the torque tester ensures no movement of the specimen for an accuracy-driven output.

After the specimen is firmly clamped, the operator can easily open the bottle closure with bare hands. The angular force generated by the operator & exerted on the bottle closure is determined on the microprocessor-based digital display.

The operator can now keep track of all the results recorded by the microprocessor-based digital display which also allows the operator to analyze the obtained results with previous ones.

This is how the bottle cap torque tester performs the testing of torque required to open bottle closures with absolute facile & ease. The test reduces hassle & enhances the testing speed due to the inculcation of advanced features.

The High-Quality Attributes Imbibed in the Digital Torque Tester

The bottle cap torque tester is equipped with top-notch features that enhance accuracy and simplify testing standards along with promising attributes that fasten the testing process.

The finest feature of all is the 4-way clamping mechanism of the instrument that ensures zero slippage and guarantees no movement of the bottle or container.

The digital torque meter is equipped with an amazing safety feature i.e. the safety latch or safety key that ensures the stability of the base plate to ensure no movement when the testing is not underway.

The microprocessor-based digital display is also a prominent feature of the digital torque tester as it indicates the testing outputs and is also equipped with feather touch controls that promote single-handed & hassle-free testing. The microprocessor-based digital display also offers a memory hold feature that allows the operator to keep track of up to 9 previous recordings.

The robust construction of the instrument also plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of manufacturers from all industries as the firm build of the instrument ensures longevity as well as durability against environmental phenomena like rusting & corrosion.

If you still have doubts regarding the specifications of the instrument, the torque tester manufacturer has answered all the frequently asked questions regarding the device.

FAQs Regarding the Digital Torque Tester

Ques. What is the testing range of the instrument?

Ans. The testing range of the digital torque tester is 25-100 lb inches as provided by the torque tester manufacturer.

Ques. What is the minimum & maximum diameter required for holding the specimen?

Ans. The minimum diameter required for testing the specimen is 30 mm and the maximum diameter must not exceed 110 mm.

Ques. How much calibration weight is provided along with the instrument?  

 Ans. The weight provided for the in-built calibration is 10 lbs & 20 lbs.

Ques. How to install a digital torque tester?

Ans. An operator must make sure that the instrument is installed over a bench or a table that is firm enough to withstand the weight of the instrument, it is also necessary to place the instrument near an electrical supply support.

Buy the Digital Torque Tester As Soon As Possible

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