Benefits of Box Compression Tester

Benefits of Box Compression Tester

Compression force experienced during transportation, warehousing and distribution is one of the toughest challenges faced by goods and packages. For many industries and manufacturing units, it’s highly important to determine the ability to calibrate a material in a way that it can withstand these compression forces.

It is very common for cardboard boxes to be stacked one on top of the other, during warehousing and storage. In order to ensure that they will not collapse, an equipment to measure their box compression strength and self-protective ability is necessary.

Thus, box strength testing and carton compression testing are widely used to determine the maximum load that the material can withstand without breaking.

A Box Compression Tester consists of applying a gradually larger compression force to a sample until it fails. In this way, a force-deformation curve can be obtained, to determine the resistance of a package. It also provides reliable information so as to take concrete decisions regarding the strength of the packaging (e.g., whether to choose a more resistant package).
Uniquely designed for box strength testing of corrugated boxes/cartons, Box Compression tester is widely used to determine compressive resistance, deformation and stacking capability of cartons and corrugated boxes.
Here are three benefits of using Presto Box Compression Tester:

1. Wide Application

Manufactured according to international standards, this highly reliable equipment can be effectively used to evaluate the ability of the sample to withstand specific loads. For finished packages, the Box Compression Tester can be used to measure compressive strength and durability of not only corrugated boxes, beehive crates, paper cases and cartons,but also paper tanks.

2. Easy to Operate and Customized Design

The Box Compression Tester is easy to operate. Simply place the corrugated box or package to be tested on the center of the lower plate of the compression tester. As the test begins, the upper plate gradually moves downward and a specified load is applied to the specimen. This applied force is captured by means of the three load cells located under the rigid lower plate. As soon as the system detects breakage of the sample, the upper plate returns to its initial position at maximum speed.

Further, the Presto Box Compression Tester can be customized, with different plate sizes, load cell capacities and force ranges, as per customer requirement.

3. Accurate Results

Fitted with a Microprocessor based display, The Presto Box Compression Tester is renowned for its accurate test results, under uniform compression Force. It is also provided with TARE and Peak HOLD facility, and a bright LED Display along with feather touch controls. An optional printer facility and computerized models are also available.
Therefore, the box compression strength tester is a very important equipment used to ensure that the designing of a package is suitable and resistant. It is also extremely useful in making sure that the boxes will maintain their integrity during storage and handling.


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