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peeling strength

Why is Humidity Tester an Important Instrument in Lab Testing?


As the name defines, the force required to separate the bonding of two self-adhesives or bonded materials is called peeling strength. It is a very important factor for the packaging industry. Adhesions having low peeling strength would be disqualified by quality control, even after having premium corrugates boards or plastic packets.

List of Mandatory Tests in PET Bottle Manufacturing & Bottling Industry

List of Mandatory Tests in PET Bottle Manufacturing & Bottling Industry


PET bottle manufacturing is one of the widest packaging industry in the world. Due to its durability and quality to barrier water and moisture makes it perfect for storing and transporting. Also, PET packaging is suitable for materials with different properties like solid, powder, liquid, semi-solid, etc. To make packaging and storage suitable for wide range of materials there are certain tests to assure the quality of packaging. Hot wire bottle cutting. In this test, a sampled bottle is cut...

What Makes Corrugated Fiberboard So Popular

What Makes Corrugated Fiberboard So Popular?


Light weight - In comparison to other packaging materials like plastic and wood, corrugated fiberboards are much lighter in weight and are flexible, especially the sheets. The raw material used to make these boards is paper, therefore, these can be recycled and reused easily and are biodegradable in nature. There are many people who are not satisfied with these answers. For them, let's get into technicalities of it. Shock Absorbent - Corrugated fiberboard is a good shock absorbent....

Compression Test Determines

What Compression Test Determines About The Box Packaging?


When the force from the opposite sides is applied in the inward direction, it is called compressive force. In certain industries, it is very important to judge the calibre of the material to bear the compressive force. Especially in the packaging industry, where you can just estimate the subjected conditions. To make things adaptable for extreme working conditions, quality testing becomes very important. The quality testing includes the following - Compressive strength test Tensile...

What are Different Tests to Check the Stack Ability of Plastic Packaging

What are Different Tests to Check the Stack Ability of Plastic Packaging?

Across the world, plastics is the widely used packaging material for different industries. From pharmaceuticals to F&B industries, it can be used for storing and transporting any type of non-reactive material, be it solids, liquids or powder...

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