Determine the Strength of PET Bottles with a Top Load Tester

Determine the Strength of PET Bottles with a Top Load Tester

The top-load testing instrument from Presto is one of the most useful instruments that will help to determine the strength of PET bottles. This testing equipment is a fully automatic and motorized model that has aesthetically appealing features and is very sophisticated.

The digital model of top load tester testing equipment will display compressive buckling load in the digital format. A calibration facility will also be provided by us. If you test the bottle with the help of this top load testing instrument, then you can place it in the inverted jaws for zero slippage. Thus, you can easily depend on this testing equipment to evaluate the strength of these bottles.

When you deliver the products in PET bottles then these bottles should be of high quality. This means that these bottles need to be tested before delivering the products in them. Quality plays a major role in shipping products safely and accurately. When PET bottles get transported then they get stacked on each other which will produce some sort of compressive forces.

These forces will cause the bottles to deform. Therefore, to check the strength of PET bottles, you must make use of a top-load tester testing instrument. With the help of this testing machine, you will be able to get an idea about the stacking and buckling load a bottle can bear.

How top load tester will help to determine the strength of PET bottles?

If you want to perform quality research on PET bottles then this testing instrument will be helpful in doing it. With this instrument, you will easily be able to perform the test by compressing filled or empty bottles or containers at a fixed speed.

When the downward compressive force will be applied to bottles with the help of a top-load tester then the measurements of resistance to that force by container will be noted. Through this test, you will easily be able to determine the behaviour of bottles in peak load conditions. You will also be able to determine the maximum load capacity of bottles and the elements causing degradation to them.

In this way, you can take the help of a top-load testing machine to determine the compressive strength of PET bottles or containers. Now, you can easily buy this testing instrument from Presto Testing Instruments at the best prices. Just consult us to get a free quote.

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