Easy Way to Analyze Moisture Content of Corrugated Boxes

Easy Way to Analyze Moisture Content of Corrugated Boxes

During production of corrugated boards, manufacturers often face a unique problem caused by inaccurate control of moisture; if the moisture content of the corrugated box is higher, it may leads to collapsing of the box. On the contrary, a lower (than requisite) moisture contentmay lead to board breaking.  

Thus, moisture control is a critical parameter in production and processing of corrugated boards. Higher humidity levels could cause boards to soften and collapse. Moreover, it may also lead to flute exposure after being produced, having a negative impact on the very characteristics of the corrugated box that we value most. However, not enough water would make them rather too crisp and easy to breakdown. Therefore, strict control of moisture is necessary for production of high-quality boards and boxes.

So, having the correct amount of moisturenot only ensures proper creasing, but also helps avoid cracks. It will also be possible for the corrugated box to maintain good bending and impact resistance, as well as cushioning and shock absorption.

When a corrugated board is being produced, the liners and fluted mediums are held together with a starch adhesive, which is usually food grade corn starch. In its most basic formula, corn starch adhesive has very little moisture resistance. This would cause the composite layers of corrugated board to separate out in high humidity conditions. Based on this fact, corrugated board manufacturers add small amounts of resins to the adhesive to improve its moisture resistance. Thus, moisture resistant adhesive (MRA) is generally used to fortify the corrugated board. Now, the degree of moisture resistance varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and also depends on the conditions where the board or boxes will be used.

It is important to use tools which help determine the right corrugated board grade for a given situation. In order to develop the optimal packaging materials for your specific needs, we need to determine the moisture content of the corrugated material. If your boxes are crushing while stacked in your facility, or if you are planning to send product to areas where high humidity is prevalent, you could check the moisture content of the sample using a handy, easy to use instrument called the Digital Moisture Meter.

Analysis of the moisture content of corrugated boxes and boards is necessary. Therefore,Presto offers a reliable Digital Moisture Meter. This reliable instrument suits the needs of quality control, production and in-process control of many industries, including pharmaceuticals, plastic & packaging and food& beverage industries. 

The Digital Moisture Meter offers the following advantages:


  • Reliable& Accurate Results 
  • Easy, Non-destructive Operation 
  • Consistent measurement performance 

This widely used instrument can help manufacturers optimize the moisture content of their corrugated boxes. It is based on the principle that electrical conductivity of the material is directly proportional to its moisture content. It offers simplified keys for easy programming and a large, user friendly LCD display monitor for viewing of results.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call/WhatsApp at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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