Edge Crush Test Vs Bursting Strength Test for Corrugated Boxes

Edge Crush Test Vs Bursting Strength Test for Corrugated Boxes

The prime reason for the popularity of corrugated packings is its cost-effectiveness and light-weightiness. Despite being lightweight, it has very strong strength characteristics. A box manufacturer stamps the boxes with a certificate that describes the quality of the box. This description is printed after performing several tests on the box material.

Two common tests are :
Bursting Strength Test
Crush Test
There are two types of values stamped on the box while in certain cases, only one value is stamped. It is an important question, how manufacturers decide which test to perform and which test is appropriate for the packing?
Overview :
Bursting Strength Test – It determines the strength or force required to rupture or burst the corrugated fibre sheet, that is being used for making the box.
Crush Test – Edge Crush test determines the force or strength required to deform the box. It is performed on the corrugated fibre sheet that is used for making boxes. 
The test is chosen as per the intended application of the box. If the manufacturer knows that his boxes may face excessive pressure during transit and storage, he should perform crush test. 
If he knows that box may get damaged due to the packed contents of the box, he should perform bursting strength test. 
Both the test procedures are important for their respective applications. But the combination of both is not mandatory. 
With the advancement in the carrier industry, the corrugated packages are shipped on the pallets and which is why it becomes important to test the vertical force of the boxes and pallets as well. Edge crush test is performed to test the vertical force of the boxes so that they don’t fail during the transit. 
Procedure to Perform the Edge Crush Test
A standardised Edge crush tester is required to perform this test. The specimen from the sample is taken, the specimen has predefined dimensions.
The specimen is gripped in the jaws of the machines making sure that corrugators of the specimen are in perpendicular to the horizontal axis. The upper jaw of the machine is movable and applied a load from the top to deform the specimen. The force required to deform the specimen is measured and displayed on the screen.
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