Endurance tested: Presto’s box compression tester

Endurance tested: Presto’s box compression tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 28-06-2024

The Presto Box Compression Tester is a laboratory testing tool developed to measure corrugated boxes' capability to repel contraction to ensure that their compressive strength is sufficient to help distortion or breakage while mounding during storehouse or transportation.

Why do you need it? 

The Presto box compression tester machine is a tool that's a necessity if you're working in packaging or any affiliated assiduity involving manufacturing- be it small businesses, quality norms assessing, or any packaging expert- you need it to give accurate measures regarding the strength of the cardboard you're using since it inescapably becomes a part of your everyday material set- up.

You need this to ensure the integrity of all your products and maintain uniformity across them. Hourly, great issues in the product cycle arise when during storehouse and conveyance, due to uneven or redundant pressure the boxes are crushed down- causing lot of profitable damage. This tester will fully dismiss this problem and maximize continuity by determining this exact boundary line.

Using this knowledge, you can choose those accouterments whose pressure-holding capacity or strength is feasible with your average cargo or purpose. This generally prevents large-scale damage and losses.  

Uniformity is essential because when in thousands of products, indeed one doesn't conform to the cargo it's subordinated to, it messes with your package volume and questions the integrity of the brand. rather, if you're regular in assessing these limits, you can be free of  client dissatisfaction, since it reduces the  threat of lost or reduced  volume of goods stores, transported etc.  

By avoiding overestimation of needed accouterments, you can save a lot on costs and hence optimize the cost of making overall. particularity saves trouble, especially for large-scale products. Another reason to buy a box contraction tester is to ensure that it meets assiduity norms and regulations. numerous businesses have special packaging regulations in place to ensure safety and trustability. A  contraction tester allows you to ensure that your quilting fits these conditions, avoiding implicit legal and fiscal consequences. To epitomize, a box contraction tester is an essential instrument for assuring the strength, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your quilting. It gives critical perceptivity that helps you in conserving your products, maintaining client satisfaction, and reducing costs. Purchasing a box contraction tester is a wise and strategic investment for anyone involved in packaging and shipping.   


  1. The buckling cargo is captured through a computer interface where in reports can be generated and stored in the computer with a maximum limit of 500 kg( other models available).  

  1. It's perfect for checking the contraction resistance and long-term mounding strength of individual boxes, bulk holders, and pallets. 

  1. The outfit is veritably rugged for stable performance indeed at cargo. The largely sensitive cargo detector is strategically placed to enable perfect corner-to-corner cargo results.  

  1. The unit comes complete with overtrip protection; TARE' and P/ H'( Peak Hold)  installation. A low-cost & compact tester for the packaging assiduity.  


CALIBRATION according to the instructions of the box compression tester manufacturer:

  1. Accuracy: We need to ensure that the results of the device are accurate and precise. Due to nonstop operation over time, the device may get worn out hence we need to ensure regular estimation. Accurate measures lie at the foundation of the device’s affair. Estimation ensures there's no distinction.  

  1. Material Testing Norms: of the Box contraction tester manufacturer are strict and numerous diligence is needed. It's essential for meeting instruments’ and hence legal norms as well.  

  1. Adding Lifespan: Regular estimation aids in detecting implicit difficulties with the box compression tester before they become severe problems. Well-maintained and calibrated outfit runs more effectively, delivering harmonious and reliable results throughout time.   

Steps in the Estimation Process  

The estimation of a contraction tester generally involves several crucial way.  


Preparation original set- up

Includes drawing any residue or dirt on any part of the outfit which could calumniate results and corroborate that the terrain is free of any extreme climate. 

These conditions of clarity are necessary for purely objective results.  

Dimension original reading can be taken using given weight as baseline dimension or standard, which can be compared with factual weight.  

Comparison Compare the original dimension with the standard. In case of distinction, note it down in detail.  

 Adjustment Acclimate the contraction tester to correct any disagreement. 

This may involve recalibrating the detectors, confirming the cargo cells, or making mechanical adaptations to the outfit.  


After making the variations, take another reading to insure that the estimation is correct. Repeat the process until the results match the standard.  


Document the estimation procedure, including original readings,  variations, and final verification. 

This paperwork is critical for conserving an estimation history and assuring traceability.   


Question 1: Can I perform the estimation on my own?  

Answer: While simple estimation tests can be performed in-house, it's constantly advised to have the estimation performed by good specialists or authorized laboratories. This verifies that the estimation is correct and fulfills all applicable norms.  

Question 2: What to do if the box fails the test?  

Answer: If a box fails the test on the box contraction testing machine, examine its quilting design and accouterments. Consider perfecting by exercising stronger accouterments,  revamping structural corridors, or adding mounts. Check the box after making variations to confirm it fulfills the necessary norms. 

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Reach out to the box compression tester supplier through a phone call at +91 9210903903 or directly dropping us an e-mail at info@prestogroup.com.

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