Enhance the Quality of the Corrugated Boxes with Drop Tester

Enhance the Quality of the Corrugated Boxes with Drop Tester

With the wide usage of packaging products in different production houses, it becomes significant for the manufacturers of packaging industries to perform strict testing on the packaging products to assure the quality of material, strength, design, etc. when it is subjected to real working conditions. The quality of the packaging can be determined by measuring certain properties of the packaging such as impact strength, burst strength, drop strength, compression and many more. The significant activity which is performed with the cartons is dropping off boxes from one place to another at the time of handling, warehousing and storing.

How to measure the maximum drop height of boxes?

To ensure the quality of the material which is packed inside even at the time of handling, it is necessary to measure the maximum drop height of the boxes so that it can’t affect the quality of the material as well as the box.

The drop height, force and strength of the boxes can be measured easily using Drop Tester. It is one of the highly effective testing machines which is used by the manufacturers in packaging industries to determine the effect of drop from a certain height during transportation. This is an extremely effective test method that tests the packaging quality and helps to upgrade the quality if something is left behind.

The test results of drop tests are used to enhance the quality of packaging design and to analyze rigidity of the products under some safety conditions. With the free falling or drop tester, it becomes easy to create actual working conditions of normal fall to a rigid surface in order to control the effect of unexpected fall on the material. To know in detail about the testing machine, “Drop tester”, click here

Drop the Flaws of Packaging with Drop Tester

Drop Tester is widely used to test the impact strength of free falling darts on the packaging materials that helps to test the strength of the material against deformation. The testing machine is used to ascertain the transportation value of the solid fiberboard boxes and shipping containers. The drop of the package from specific angle device helps to measure the value of the box when dropped from certain angles. The testing device performs free fall of packaging to determine the strength and quality of the packaging products. The testing instruments test the impact of a drop on the packaging material when it is dropped from a certain height and from with a certain amount of pressure. The drop tester with different specifications is available to fulfil the demand of a large number of customers.

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