Enhance The Quality Of Your Packaging Using Superlative Case Taping Packaging Testing

Peel Adhesion Bond Seal Tester

peel-adhesion-bond-seal-tester-300x300Case Taping Packaging is the best term which is widely used for the adhesive materials. The self-adhesives are widely used to safely pack the products to ensure the quality of the products that are packed inside the boxes. Case taping and adhesives are highly responsible to maintain the quality of the goods. If the quality of the tapes and adhesives is not perfect, it will unpack the products during the transportation and can badly affect the quality of the product. Hence, it is essential for the manufacturers in packaging industries to test the quality of the tapes and adhesives using high quality of case taping packaging testing instruments and machines.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd., the foremost manufacturers, supplier and exporters of testing machines, manufactures a wide assortment of packaging testing instruments that are preferred by large number of manufacturing industries all over the world. To fulfill the demand of adhesive testing, presto manufactures high-quality of Cape taping Packaging testing instruments which includes peel adhesion tester, seal integrity tester, puncture resistance tester, tensile strength tester and many more.

The entire range of Presto’s testing equipments is designed as per the global testing standards like ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc. The entire range of testing instruments are delivered with user manual, calibration certificate and all necessary accessories that helps to operate the instruments easily and ensure highly precise and repeatable test results. For more information, consult our technocrats.

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