Ensure Compression Resistance Of PET With Digital Top Load Tester

Ensure Compression Resistance Of PET With Digital Top Load Tester

PET containers are preferred in comparison of corrugated boxes, flexible films or fiberboard containers, for the reason that they can easily be molded into different shapes, color, sizes and textured designs. Every new PET designed need to be tested before they are produced uniformly and in bulk. These containers are non-reactive to the product stored in them and even resistant to the environmental changes. These bottles are used to store dairy products, edible oils, syrups, spices, Pharma, water, beverages and so on. 

The resisting strength of these containers against the external pressure makes them favorable.  These need to bear pressure while stacking over each other and transit. These containers are tested under varied condition on multiple testing equipments, to make sure that they withstand that force. The quality of a container matters much when it is holding a major quantity of final product.

Presto Top Load Tester is an efficient device for testing bottles and plastic containers. A sample is placed in between a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. At a point the sample starts deforming. The value of the load force can be digitally viewed and stored with peak load hold facility. Operator can turn off motion of the lower jaw once the specimen bends out of shape or start buckling.

The equipment is built on a rigid and corrosion resistance base equipped with a set of inverted jaws. These jaws maintain the specimen in its place without any slippage. Maximum load range can be up to 100 kgf with least count of just 0.1 kgf. The device allows testing with reliability, repeatability and at most precision.

Top Load Tester is available in two models- Digital and Digital cum computerized model. The digital model gives digital result with peak load indicator whereas computerized model can even represent it in form of force vs. time graph. The equipment is mechanically motorized making it easy to operate. The machine can be calibrated according to standards, for a test pass or fail result. With features of concluding 10 repetitive test results on 1 report and that can be emailed too, prove it to be as efficient to maintain report data.   


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