Evaluate the Impact Resistance of Plastics with the Charpy Impact Tester

Evaluate the Impact Resistance of Plastics with the Charpy Impact Tester

Manufacturers from the plastic & polymer industry supply a lot of plastic materials to enhance the durability of the end products. It becomes highly important to assess the quality of these plastic materials before utilizing them in final products against impacts & accidents to make sure of customer satisfaction and thus brand reputation.

Presto Stantest Private Limited came up with an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument to aid the manufacturers from the polymer industry and provide them with maximum facility of evaluating the resilience of polymers against impacts. 

To understand how the Izod and Charpy impact tests are conducted, we must understand the functioning of the high-end lab testing instrument designed by Presto Stantest Private Limited. 

Functioning of Izod & Charpy Impact Tester

The lab testing instrument is designed with absolute precision & top-notch engineering to enhance the assessment of the impact resilience of plastics and thus enhance the durability & ductility of plastics.


The charpy impact tester comes with variable testing methodologies to ensure maximum accuracy which are:

·      Izod impact test

·      Charpy impact test  

Both the testing analogies are necessary for the assessment of the specimen as the specimen is placed into different positions while the impact is made in order to ensure the resilience of the specimen from all ends.

The specimen is placed vertically in the Izod impact test and horizontally in the Charpy impact test.

To determine accuracy, it becomes necessary to prepare & condition the specimen as per the compliance of the designated standards. Presto Stantest Private Limited provides an optional feature of a notch cutter for the preparation of the izod impact test specimen. The notch cutter carves out a v-shaped 2.54mm notch on the specimen for assessing the impact resilience.  

The sample is placed between the jaws of the specimen and is firmly tightened to ensure no movement at all during the conduction of the test which is necessary for maximum accuracy.

The impact hammer of the instrument works on an electromagnetic pendulum release motion which is held with the inclusion of a brake pedal. 

The hammer is released once the brake pedal is removed forcing the movement of the hammer in a pendulum motion towards the plastic specimen. The impact from the hammer breaks the plastic specimen.

The energy that initiated the breaking of the specimen is indicated on the digital meter associated with the instrument for easy tracking of the records. The angle at which the hammer impacted the specimen is also indicated for a critical analysis of the results.

There are certain aspects that the operator must be aware of while testing the specimen for derivating absolutely precise & accurate results.

·      The impact energy is calculated in the SI unit of Joules/cm2.

·      The notch on the izod impact test specimen must be 2.54mm in size and be carved out in a v-shape.

·      The Charpy impact test method is used for relatively bigger samples wherein the specimen is placed horizontally within the jaws of the instrument.

·      To keep an absolutely correct record of the derived results, the operator must assess the angular displacement along with the energy required to break the sample.

The specifications of the instrument need to be taken into consideration for accurate & precise results determination consistently.

Specifications of the Charpy Impact Tester

·      The dimensions of the entire instrument is 855mm X 521mm X 753 mm

·      The hammer that moves in a pendulum motion releases at an angle of 150 degrees along and generates an energy that ranges from 0-21.68 Joules depending upon the weight of the hammer.

·      The instrument requires an electrical supply of 220V with 50Hz

·      The designated standards that comply with the Izod and Charpy impact test are ASTM D256 – 10, ASTM D618-13, ASTM D883 – 12, ASTM D1204 - 14, ASTM D1248 – 12, ASTM E691 – 14.

·      The display of the Charpy impact tester is an LED-made indicator.  

There are certain other features as well that contribute to the accuracy & promote one-handed operations for facile working.

Features of Charpy Impact Tester

The instrument is equipped with a magnetic door to safeguard the operator from any hazards or injury due to the breaking of the Izod impact test specimen.

The Charpy impact tester is offered with an additional option of a notch cutter for precise & accurate conditioning of the specimen before commencing the test.

The instrument is constructed with a 7-layered powder-coated paint for a corrosion-resistant finish and provides the required rustproofing to enhance the durability of the machinery.

The instrument offers separate fixtures for both the testing methodologies whether the Izod impact test or Charpy impact test. This enhances the ease of conducting the test and provides highly accurate results consistently.

The instrument promotes single-handed testing due to the provision of feather-touch controls.

The working mechanism of the instrument is precise for attaining maximum accuracy as it runs on the electromagnetic pendulum release mechanism. This mechanism also ensures repeatable testing.

The instrument is offered with different weight scales of the hammers that range differently as per the needs of the operator.

The company aids the manufacturers to a greater extent by providing all the features necessary for easy testing and maximum accuracy.

Buy Charpy Impact Tester Right Away

If you also want to assess the quality of the plastic materials you can simply buy a Charpy impact tester. To learn more about the lab testing instrument & seek further knowledge, you can simply visit our website right away. If you have any questions or queries feel free to reach out to us via phone call at +91 9210903903 or via e-mail at info@prestogroup.com. We will be extremely delighted to serve you with the finest lab testing instruments & help you keep a step ahead of the competitors. 


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