Guarantee Robust Corrugated Sheets with the Edge Crush Tester

Edge Crush Tester

The corrugated sheets are a form of corrugated boxes that are used for packaging items during storage & shipping processes. These boxes are widely used by manufacturers as they are highly affordable for the quality offered. The quality of these corrugated boxes is assured by the quality evaluation of their – corrugated sheets. These corrugated sheets are used in the construction process of corrugated boxes, paper bags, and other related products.

Certain testing measures are taken into consideration, but since production is a process of checks & measures it makes it necessary for manufacturers from all across industries to determine the strength of the final packaging product. To ensure the strength of the edges of the corrugated boxes which might get deformed, enclosed, or damaged during storage & transit hazards.

To curb this problem, the Presto Group has futuristic lab testing equipment to offer manufacturers by the name of edge crush tester. The instrument is designed with high-class engineering standards and in consideration of the requirements of the operator.

The foremost function of the equipment is to evaluate the ability of the corrugated sheet from all ends to withstand compression load exerting a standardized force on the same.

It is necessary to get through the functioning module of the lab testing instrument for a better grasp of the instrument’s working as well as operating to achieve higher accuracy.

Functioning Module of the Edge Crush Tester

The edge crush test machine follows a simplistic working mechanism as it is made up of an operator-friendly approach that streamlines the testing process and enhances the accuracy standards of the outcomes.

The operator of the instrument or the manufacturer of the corrugated sheet can evaluate the strength of the corrugated sheet from three variable ways i.e. the ring crush test, the edge crush test & the flat crush test. Due to its 3-way testing process, the instrument is widely called RCT/ FCT/ ECT machine.

The lab testing equipment is offered with different grippers of the specimen for different testing processes. These grippers allow the operator to perform the 3-way testing process expeditiously and achieve higher levels of accuracy. However, the operator must know that these tests can be conducted on specific sheets i.e. for the edge crush test, the sheet must contain 3 to 5 plies; for the flat crush test, the sheet must contain 5 to 7 plies, and the ring crush test is conducted on thin-layered specimens.

Once the specimen is adjusted into their respective grippers, the operator can simply adjust the settings from the control panel and initiate the ECT/ RCT/ FCT test. The compression plate of the instrument that carried a load of 100 KgF exerts pressure on the specimen, forcing the specimen to deform or deflect from its original state after withstanding the maximum load as per its potential. The compression plate moves at a speed of 12.5 mm per minute as per the standard guidelines with the help of a lead screw that ensures its smooth movement.

The microprocessor-based digital display determines the maximum load that the specimen could withstand and then indicates the deflection or deformation of integration of the plies that took place due to the compressing pressure exerted upon it.

The operator can now easily record the readings of the instrument and attain further accuracy-driven results. In the case of uncertainties, the operator can make adjustments at this stage of the production process rather than conducting the test at later stages and bear huge losses caused by mass production.

The instrument is equipped with high-end characteristics that enable the operator to conduct testing with absolute ease & free from any hassle.

High-End Characteristics of the Edge Crush Tester

The edge crush testing machine is a feature-packed lab testing equipment that aids manufacturers from the packaging industry to reach accurate outcomes in evaluating the compression strength of corrugated sheets.

The most prominent feature of the instrument that has attracted the maximum number of manufacturers is its ability to conduct 3-way testing, which allows the operator to conduct testing on variably layered plies and cover the maximum number of sheets in just one instrument.

The equipment is also offered with different gripping mechanisms, enabling the operator to conduct the three testing methods with accuracy, ease, and speed.

The instrument is also standardized to provide an assurance of accuracy & hassle-free conduction of the test. The movement of the compression plate at a speed of 12.5 mm is mentioned in the guidelines of the designated standards which the instrument follows.

The edge crush test machine is also offered with a highly advanced microprocessor-based digital display that ensures the instrument indicates accurate results after each testing measure. The digital display is offered with a combination of feather touch control buttons that not only promote single-handed testing but also allow the operator to utilize the memory hold feature that keeps track of the previous 9 readings of the result.

The results of the test can be retrieved as an edge crush test chart in the computerized model of the instrument which enhances the analysis standard of the operator.

This is how the edge crush test calculator achieves a high level of accuracy & ensures maximum testing in an adept manner. To enjoy these top-notch features inculcated in an instrument, you can get your hands on the edge crush test calculator right away.

Get Yourself the Presto-made Edge Crush Tester Today

Achieving precise testing results is no more a trouble with presto instruments. You can also attain firmly-made corrugated sheets by evaluating them under the edge crush test with the help of an edge crush tester. 

To attain knowledge & information about the specifications of the instrument, you can get a detailed variant on our website. In case of any questions & queries, write an e-mail to us at Do not wait any further and pick up your phone to place an order only at +91 9210903903.

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