Acquire Sealing Accuracy of thermoplastics & flexible packaging with Heat Seal Tester

Heat Seal Tester

The sealing process of thermoplastics and flexible packaging materials is the most trusted packaging source by manufacturers for the related industries. Since sealing was invented it has taken over the industry by storm because of its cost-efficiency as well as its durability and ability to pack items without any contamination due to exposure to the environment.

There are numerous examples of sealing that can be observed in our daily lives, like packets of perishable items, toiletry packaging, beauty care products, etc. This makes heat sealing an integral part of various industries.

The manufacturers that belong to these industries make sure that the sealing process is done with extreme accuracy to avoid contamination or leakage of the products packed inside as it can cause a huge loss to the reputation of the brand.

The Presto Group offers a top-notch lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers in ascertaining the exact heat seal quality of products called the heat seal tester. This lab testing equipment will not only avoid huge losses to manufacturers but will also ensure a high-quality product assurance to the end consumer.

Let us take a look at the functioning of the heat seal tester and identify how exactly the lab testing equipment helps manufacturers from various industries.

Working Mechanism of the Heat Seal Tester

The heat seal tester is a very ergonomically designed lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers in achieving highly accurate results while ascertaining the sealing level through elevated temperatures.

The instrument consists of two long jaws for the positioning of the sample, which perform sealing on three major parameters which are:

1.    Time – maximum up to 999 seconds

2.    Temperature – elevated temperatures at the upper jaw and ambient temperatures at the lower jaw

3.    Pressure – the force applied through the clamping of the jaws can be up to 6 bars.

Both the jaws of the instrument contain two variable temperature sensors, which allow the operator to adjust the temperature with the help of designated controls on the control panel as per the requirement of the material being tested. For example, the thermoplastics are sealed at a temperature that is elevated a little more than that of the flexible packaging materials.

The pressure is also adjusted from the same control panel and is also depicted through the help of a pressure dial gauge associated with the heat seal tester.

The two jaws are powered by a pneumatic cylinder which ensures their clamping for sealing and unclamping for releasing the specimen being tested. The sizes of the jaw can be customized differently into three options which are:

1.    150 mm x 15mm

2.    300 mm x 15mm

3.    500mm x 15mm

The size of the jaw is directly proportional to the size of the specimen being tested.

This is how the working mechanism of the heat seal tester functions and allows manufacturers from different industries to achieve maximum accuracy.

The heat seal tester is ensured with numerous features that ensure accuracy, safeguard the specimen & the operator while the testing is underway, and fasten the process of testing with absolute ease.

Features of the Heat Seal Tester

The heat seal tester is designed as a feature-loaded instrument by their manufacturers to ensure easy functioning and contribute towards high-quality packaging of flexible packaging materials as well as thermoplastics.

The most prominent feature of the instrument that catches the attention of every manufacturer is the availability of different jaw surfaces for variable sealing purposes i.e. the diamond knurling sealing surface, the flat sealing surface & the zig-zag sealing surface.

These jaws are also equipped with a quick heat elevation feature which quickly elevates the temperature of these jaws and allows suitable testing to be performed with ease & adeptness.

The instrument also takes full care of the operator which can be seen with the incorporation of the safety door ahead of the hot jaws being utilized for sealing under testing measurements.

The heat seal tester is also equipped with a top-notch microprocessor-based display that helps the operator achieve maximum accuracy by depicting accurate results with consistency.

The customizable jaw length is one of the unique selling points of the instrument. This has enabled manufacturers from variable industries to customize the machine as per the requirement of the specimen as well as the standards being considered.

The heat seal tester is also equipped with a robust construction with both stainless steel & mild steel that is coated with 7-layered powder paint, ensuring rust-proofing properties and avoiding a corrosion-friendly environment.

All these top-notch features incorporated within the lab testing instrument allow the operator to perform testing with absolute ease and enhance the packaging quality of materials to provide maximum satisfaction to the consumer and thus build brand value.

These installation factors must be considered to make the most of these features by the operator.

Installation Factors to be Considered while Installing the Heat Seal Tester

·       The instrument is designed as a bench top model so it must be placed over an even surfaced & durable bench or table.

·       The equipment must be kept away from the walls to easily perform testing without any hassle

·       The heat seal tester should be kept away from any electronic devices that may catch fire as it can cause overheating due to the heated jaws.

·       The instrument should also be kept away from extreme weather which can cause damage to the same

·      The operator must adhere to the quick start guide provided along with the equipment.

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