How Can Properties of Corrugated Boxes Be Tested?

How Can Properties of Corrugated Boxes Be Tested

Corrugated boxes or cartons or corrugated fibre board boxes are made up of paper. Corrugators are sandwiched between two linear boards and thus delivers a cushioned effect. To declare them fit to use, these boxes undergo following test processes; 

Bursting Strength Test– This test calculate the force required to damage the box. Sometimes, corrugated boxes are loaded with sharp edged items. Due to external physical forces, the packing may fail. To adjudge the strength of the box, the sample is tested with bursting strength tested. In this, a hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is applied to the sample via rubber diaphragm until sample ruptures. The pressure applied is calculated and displayed on the screen.

Vibration Test- Cartons are especially made for transit packings. Irrespective of the mode of transportation, the box has to bear some physical forces applied by the surrounding, e.g. jerks and wrench. A vibration table simulates those vibrating conditions and gives the idea of the behaviour of the carton in real working situations.

Crush Test – Corrugators are tested in different ways. We apply the load from the top while changing their position and axis. Three types of crush tests are performed, viz;

  • Flat crush test – In this test, the sample is placed in flat horizontal position on the fixture, ridges and furrows facing up. A load is applied from the top until corrugators deform. The other way to perform this test is to apply a predefined load and assess the behaviour of the sample, whether it withstands the load applied or failed.

  • Ring crush test – In this test, a rectangular strip is of predefined dimensions is cut and its ends are joined together to form a ring. This ring is placed on the fixture. Here, the operator has to make sure that corrugators are perpendicular to the horizontal surface. Like flat crush test, the load is applied to understand the behaviour of the sample.


  • Edge crush test – This test is extended form ring crush test. Here, a sample of predefined dimensions is taken and placed on the fixture. Here, again the operator has to make sure that sample is cut in such a way that corrugators are perpendicular to the horizontal axis. A predefined load is applied from the top. The values are measured when the sample deforms. On the other way, the behaviour of the sample is analysed when a predefined load is applied. An edge crush tester can be performed

These 3 tests give a clear idea about how the carton will behave when subjected to packings, loads and transits. For more information about edge crush tester, bursting strength tester and Vibration table, contact us. 

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