How do prepare a sample for the ink abrasion test?

How do prepare a sample for the ink abrasion test?

If you are working in the printing industry, then testing the abrasion of printed labels is a critical task to make sure that they are durable to use. This can be done with the help of an ink abrasion test that will be conducted with the use of a Presto ink abrasion tester.

Checking a printed material's ink abrasion resistance may be a time-consuming process. To acquire a precise estimate, a great deal of precision is necessary. Thus, with the help of the Presto ink abrasion tester, it will be easy for you to check the abrasion resistance of printed labels when exposed to extreme conditions.

This lab testing instrument is best suitable for the printing industry and is helpful in checking the abrasion of printed materials. It uses no noise and guarantees that the load is distributed evenly over the test area. It can tell you how well the ink and other photosensitive coatings are.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how you can easily prepare the sample for the ink abrasion test. So, let us get started.

Compare the quality of printed materials with Presto ink abrasion tester

Abrasion is a significant factor that has a negative impact on the material's surface quality. By giving real-time circumstances, the abrasion test on the materials helps to compare the quality of the coated material and to anticipate the actual life of the product. Abrasion testing is carried out on coated or plated materials in order to determine their abrasion resistance strength. Thus, you can easily check the readability of labels by testing their rub resistance with the help of the Presto ink abrasion tester.

The capacity of printed material to survive marking, scuffing, or smear throughout handling, packing, shipping, distribution, and usage is referred to as rub resistance. To guarantee that standardized packaging products are given to clients, you must test the rub resistance of printed labels. This will ensure that the correct materials are delivered to your customers.

By conducting the ink abrasion test, with the help of this lab testing equipment, you will get a huge number of benefits. It includes:

  • Increased product safety

One of the main benefits you will get with the use of this lab testing instrument is that you will get increased product safety. When the information printed on the labels will be durable then it is easy for the consumers to consume the products. Thus, you can easily make use of this ink abrasion testing instrument to test the durability and standardization of your products.

  • In compilation with industrial standards

When it comes to the labeling of printed materials, then it is important for you to make sure that the printed ink will not fade away. Taking an ink abrasion test with the help of this lab testing instrument will help to make sure that the product will remain intact and can be used for a longer time.

  • Enhance the product value

Taking an abrasion test with the help of a Presto ink abrasion tester will make it easy for you to ensure that your products will remain intact. It will also help to enhance the product value and make sure that your consumer received the correct product.

Thus, you can easily make sure that your product will not deteriorate over time with the help of this ink abrasion testing equipment. Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.


Features of Presto ink abrasion tester

  • The body is made up of mild steel
  • It has powder-coated Havel Grey and Blue combination, bright chrome zinc plating for corrosion resistance
  • Test load – 2 Nos
  • Arm rotation – Through gear motor
  • Dimensions – 300 X 470 X 428 mm


Technical Specifications of ink abrasion tester

  • Rub Pressure – 2 lbs and 4 lbs
  • Rub Speed – 43 cycle/minute - ±2 cycle/minute
  • Rub mode – Arc reciprocating movement
  • Counter – 9999 Digits
  • Sensor Type – PNP
  • Power Supply – 220V AC, 50Hz, Single phase

With these features and technical specifications, it will be easy for you to conduct the test. Now, let us focus on the steps to follow in order to prepare the sample for conducting an ink abrasion test.

Steps to prepare a sample for ink abrasion test

Whenever you conduct the test using an ink abrasion tester, then it is important to prepare the sample first. For this test, you need to prepare the sample accurately. Below we have mentioned some crucial steps for performing an ink abrasion test.

  • Sample Preparation for Upper Clamp

-          First of all, take a piece sample which user needs to test.

- Now, take the “smaller size” template of size 236x57 mm for 2 Pound and 251 x 57 mm for 4 Pound.

- Cut the sample.

  • Sample Preparation for Lower Clamp 270 x 80 mm

- Take the same piece of sample on which the user wants to perform the test. 

- Now take the “bigger size” template of size 270mm x 80 mm to mark the size of the sample for the lower clamp by placing it on the sample.

- Cut the sample using a cutter or scissor.

In this way, you can easily prepare the sample for the ink abrasion test. This testing instrument will let you analyze the samples in a standardized way. Thus, you can easily conduct this test and make sure you deliver accurate products to your customers.

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