How poor bursting strength will affect your box quality?

How poor bursting strength will affect your box quality?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Quality control is an important part of any manufacturing process, especially in the case of paper and packaging products that can help to determine the success or failure of a product. One key aspect of quality control is bursting strength testing, which tests the strength of paper-related products like cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, paper boards, and many others to make sure that they meet industry standards. Presto is a leading bursting strength testing instrument manufacturer that helps the paper & packaging industry manufacturers in assessing the quality of boxes by testing their bursting strength. In this blog, we will discuss a brief about burst strength testing and its benefits. We will also discuss how poor bursting strength will affect the quality of boxes. So, let us get started!

Introduction to Bursting Strength Testing

Bursting strength testing is a type of quality test that will easily measure the amount of force required to rupture or break the material. This is an important quality test that will evaluate the strength of paper, packaging, and other related products. Bursting strength tests can be used to compare different materials or batches of material, and they can also be used to monitor quality control during manufacturing. By understanding how strong the material is one can easily test the bursting strength of the product and ensure that quality product is delivered to the customers with ease.
You can easily improve the quality of the product delivered and ensure that your products meet your customer’s expectations. This test can be performed to ensure that the box will not get burst when shipped or transported. You can read more about the importance of bursting strength tests in the paper and packaging industry.

Affect of poor bursting strength on materials

Bursting strength is an important factor in the production of any product; it affects the quality of the product and, ultimately, its durability. Poor bursting strength can result in a variety of issues that could potentially lead to damage to the product when it is shipped.
If a product has poor bursting strength, it is more likely to break or tear during use, which can lead to decreased product quality. Additionally, poor bursting strength can also lead to increased safety hazards if the product breaks or tears while in use.
Thus, you can easily improve your box bursting strength by testing it with the help of a Presto digital bursting strength tester. You can read more on the benefits of a bursting strength tester.
Now, let us discuss brief information about bursting strength testers.

All about bursting strength tester

The bursting strength tester is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that is used to test the bursting strength of paper & its related products. This quality lab testing equipment will not only help the manufacturers in testing the bursting strength of the materials but also help them to reduce product rejection rates.
This quality testing equipment will help the manufacturers in ensuring that quality products will be delivered with a high bursting strength of the materials. It has a rugged structure and a single-push button to test the bursting strength of the products more easily.  Besides this, it has been embedded with high-end features that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct bursting strength of the product with ease. Now, let us discuss brief information about the features and technical specifications of this quality lab testing instrument.

Features of Presto bursting strength tester

As we have discussed above, that bursting strength testing is an important part of quality control that can be used to ensure that the materials will meet minimum strength requirements so that they will not get burst during shipping or transportation. Presto's highly advanced lab testing instrument has been designed with high-end features to make it easy for you to conduct bursting strength tests on the materials. Below we have listed them:
  • Single push-button operation
  • The equipment has a digital readout with the least count of 0.1 kg/cm2
  • The instrument is provided with a storage memory with a capacity of storing 9 Peak values
  • A circular diaphragm made of gum rubber is provided with the equipment that is fixed between the lower clamping plate and the pressure cylinder
  • There is a motor-driven mechanism in the machine that is used to increase fluid displacement on the lower side of the diaphragm at a specific rate

Technical specifications of Presto bursting strength tester

  • Equipment Bursting Capacity: 0 – 40 Kg/cm²
  • Least Count: 0.1 Kg/cm2Repeatability: ± 1 Kg/cm2 (With master aluminum foil)
  • Opening in upper clamp: 31.5 mm diameter
  • Opening in lower clamp: 30.5 mm diameter
  • Rate of fluid displacement: 95 cc/min. (± 5 cc/min)
  • Test fluid: Glycerin about 98% purified (LAB GRADE)
  • Glycerin Capacity: 200 ml.
  • Density @ 200 C: 1.112 – 1.114 grams/ml
  • Geared Motor: 1/4HP, Single Phase, 120 RPM
  • Pressure Sensor: Pressure Transducer Sensor (4-20 mA)
  • Power Supply: 220 Volt ± 15% AC, 50/60 Hz Single Phase
  • Earthing Required: Proper Earthing is required with respect to neutral and earth voltage with a value not more than 0-4 Volts AC.
With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can easily conduct bursting strength tests on the materials with ease. You can also conduct a sample testing session regarding this lab testing instrument by giving us a call at +91 9210903903 or emailing us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and requirements.

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