How to Effortlessly Commence Test with Tensile Strength Tester?

How to Effortlessly Commence Test with Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile testing is one of the most common procedures performed by various manufacturers in testing the quality of the product. When the tensile force will be applied to the machine, then the product gets ruptured or breaks down. Thus to get an accurate analysis of its quality and you can easily test your product with Presto tensile testing machine digital cum computerized model. This highly versatile equipment from Presto comes with an advanced set of features that will help you to effortlessly commence the test.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss brief information about tensile strength tester and how you can easily conduct the test with the help of this lab testing instrument.

What is a tensile testing machine and how it is beneficial in solving your product errors?

The tensile testing machine is one of the important testing equipment that has been used in the product manufacturing industry. This amazing lab testing equipment will help you in complete mechanical testing of your product and determine the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, ductility, and strain hardening characteristics of the material.

Presto offers world-class testing equipment that will help you to reduce your product rejections and lead your business to greater heights. The digital cum computerized model of this testing machine will check the breaking strength of materials and let you deliver better quality products to your customers.

 With the help of a tensile tester digital cum computerized model, you will be able to study the tensile properties of the materials with ease. This lab testing instrument has been made for creating the high tensile forces that will further be used for testing and analysis purposes. It comes with a peak load indicator provided with the instrument for digital readout of test results. Thus, you can examine the tensile strength of plastic masterbatches using this high-quality tensile machine.

Whenever you go to buy this amazing lab testing equipment, then you need to take care of some factors. This material testing machine will help you to measure the reliability and consistency of different products to achieve better results. You can even read about the factors to be kept in mind while selecting the right tensile testing machine.

Features of tensile testing machine (digital cum computerized model)

The tensile testing machine available at Presto is mainly used in industrial laboratories with the purpose of studying the tensile properties of materials. Thus, this significant testing machine has the ability to create high tensile forces that helps to measure the performance of your products. When you deliver the technically correct product to your customers then the chances of product rejections are very low. Here we have created the set of different features you will get with the help of a tensile testing machine.

  • High testing range.
  • Vice-type clamping grips for firm gripping of test specimen (standard grip).
  • Advanced peak load indicator for accurate readout and storage of test results.
  • Limit switches protection for the protection of grips and the machine.
  • Powder-coated body with corrosion resistance.
  • Available in different capacities as per client’s requirements.

Technical Specifications of tensile strength tester (digital cum computerized model)

  • Maximum Load range: 500 kgf
  • Test Speed Range: 100 mm/min. or 200 mm/min.
  • Load Monitoring: Peak Load indicator with digital readout and peak hold feature
  • Load Sensor: S-type Load Cell.
  • Clamping mechanism: Vice type clamping Grips
  • Load accuracy: ±3% full scale (with the master load.)
  • Elongation: ±3% full scale
  • Least count: 500 kgf/200gm
  • Load Cell Overload safety: <80% of the total load.
  • Drive mechanism: Basic belt & pulley mechanism with two changeable speeds.
  • Safety Feature: Up and down fixed and movable limit switch rings
  • Over Load relay contact rating: Potential free relay 5 Amp. 220 V AC single phase
  • Earthing Required: Proper Earthing required corresponding to not more than 4 V AC with respect to Neutral.

This lab testing equipment from Presto will be helpful in reducing your product rejections and leads you to higher profits. You can also view different models of this lab testing equipment like a digital tensile testercomputerized model, and tensile tester with COF.

Steps to commence test with Presto tensile strength tester (digital cum computerized model)

When you first prepare the testing specimen and place it over the machine then you can easily commence the test with the help of this testing machine. Below we have mentioned some necessary points that will help you to commence the test accurately.

  • Once you easily do the required setting of the tensile testing machine, then you can easily commence the test, by pressing Reset and Tare to set the value at peak load indicator to zero.
  • After setting the zero on the load indicator, turn the rotary switch to the down direction.
  • This will move the lower grip in a lower direction.
  • Once the movement of the lower grip in the lower direction, there will be an increase in the values shown on the load indicator. Now turn the rotary switch to the off position after the specimen has been fractured.
  • Once the machine stops, the display showing load will return to zero and the elongation display will freeze.
  • Press the Memory switch on the load indicator to show the peak value.
  • Note down the values displayed on the load indicator.

In this way, you can easily commence the test. You can also get information about Footwear Testing Instruments. If you want a free sample testing session for our testing instruments, you can easily give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our technical experts will guide you well about the working of this lab testing equipment.

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