How To Ensure The Quality Of Packaging Materials?

Quality Of Packaging Materials

Packaging nowadays is considered as the best means to safeguard the quality of the products that are packed inside, and it helps to represent the product beautifully in front of the buyers and clients as well. This fact helped the packaging industry to acquire a major proportion of a market. With an extensive usage of the packaging products, it becomes necessary for the manufacturers to ensure the quality of the packaging products using high-quality testing machines and standardized test procedures.

How packaging testing help the manufacturers?

Packaging testing helps the manufacturers to gauge the properties, characteristics and various other features of packaging. This procedure includes testing of packaging materials, components, primary packages, etc. Assuring the quality of the packaging products help the manufacturers to analyze the quality of packaging products at different levels of production and helps to measure the effect of external forces that are required to measure the quality of the products.

How can Packaging testing be done?

Testing of packaging products can be done with the help of high quality of laboratory testing machines. Recording the results is necessary to analyze the difference in the quality of the packaging materials. The outcomes of testing are recorded in the form of graphical representations, photographs, videos, etc.

Testing comprises of two types of testing procedures, quantitative and qualitative. Packaging testing is a physical test which is performed on the packaging products to store certain critical items such as pharmaceutical products, food items, beverages, chemicals and many more to ensure the quality, hygiene and freshness of the products that are packed inside.

To certain crucial applications, packaging testing is done as per the standards that have been introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, BIS, ISO, etc. Testing strategies also vary from simple test to complex test procedures. It is done to maintain the quality of the products and to enhance the life of the product. Packaging testing is done to test the strength of the materials and to enhance the quality of the products. This includes quality assurance at the time of product designing, development, etc.

How the process of testing is checked?

The process of quality testing in packaging industries is checked thoroughly with the help of quality management systems. The testing in packaging industries can be done with the help of testing machines like bursting strength tester, box compression tester, drop tester, cob sizing tester, etc. Some of them are mentioned below that helps to test the strength of the packaging materials.

Box Compression Tester

Box compression tester is used in testing laboratories to measure the strength of packaging products. The packaging products like a corrugated box, fiber boards, and multilayered boards bear lots of loads and external. To bear these forces so that the products that are packed in the containers did not get damaged, the boxes needs to be strong enough. This strength can be measured efficiently with the help of box compression tester.

Drop Tester

Drop tester is another testing equipment that helps to measure the maximum drop height and force from which a box can be dropped without damaging the material, which is kept inside the product of the box, at the time of handling or storage.

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