How to Measure Tensile Strength of Rubber?

How to Measure Tensile Strength of Rubber?

Tensile testing is a very important to test for rubber industry. It not only defines the strength of the material but tells about the elongation as well. For a layman, the tensile test is about exerting an outward pull on the sample. But this is not the case. A lot of precision is required to perform the results as per the testing standards. 

Testing Procedure

To get the standardised test results, first of all, a sample is prepared. The sample has to be of dumbbell shape. The aim of having dumbbell shape is to create a breakage prone area on the test material. If breakage occurs other than the required area, the test procedure is declared as fail. The dimensions of the dumbbell are defined in the testing standards. There are dumbbell cutting dies available to prepare the samples. 
To clamp the sample properly, the wide edges of the sample are inserted in-between the jaws making sure edges are inserted completely. The narrow portion is exposed to the tension. It is very important to have right clamping, otherwise tension will disperse throughout the sample and fracture will take place randomly.  
Once the sample is clamped, the machine starts to apply tension, by moving the jaws in opposite directions, until it breaks. Or if the testing demands, only the elongation of the sample can be tested for the predefined load. Depending upon the application of the rubber, the exertion of tension can be varied. 
From Where to Get the Right Machine?
Presto’s tensile testing machine is universally acclaimed for its reliable results. Here are some worth noting properties of the machine. 
The machine comes with single column structure having a heavy duty mild steel body. 
It has a bright digital display for easy readability of the test results.
The maximum capacity of the machine is 250 kg with least count of 100gms. 
The single-phase induction motor comes with 1440 RPM and is of worm reduction type.
The machine comes with over travel protection and has travel length of 25mm to 700mm.
Presto Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the tensile testing machine. The machine offers reliable and standardised test results. If you could not find your requirements listed on the website, you may ask for customisation. The design engineers are proficient in handling customisation demands while keeping the testing standards in mind. Contact our experts today and discuss your requirements. We would be happy to help you. 
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