How to Operate a Laboratory Heat Sealer Effortlessly?

How to Operate a Laboratory Heat Sealer Effortlessly

The importance of flawless sealing in the packaging business cannot be overstated. It guarantees that your stuff will be delivered in good condition. Materials that are prone to oxidation require good packing and adequate sealing. As a result, you should use the Presto lab heat sealer to ensure that you supply the correct content to your consumers. Heat Sealer Prima is an accurate testing instrument for applying pressure and heat to seal flexible packaging items and other thermoplastic materials at high temperatures. This laboratory heat sealer is widely used in the plastic industry and has been equipped with several advanced features like an adjustable heat sealer, a digital display for accurate readings, and separate sensors and controllers.

This consistent and easy-to-use testing instrument will perform heat sealing on flexible packaging products using heat and pressure. Here, we will discuss how you can easily operate this lab testing equipment with minimal effort and get accurate test results. So, let us get started!

Introduction about laboratory heat sealer

Testing your packaging products beforehand will help you to avoid product rejections. The perfect sealing of products matters the most where the products are prone to get damaged easily by external factors. Thus, we at Presto is considered to be the leading manufacturer of laboratory heat sealer in India and helps you to perform sealing on flexible packaging films and other thermostatic materials with ease. When it comes to making a product functional and having strong barrier characteristics, the appropriate sealing of packing materials is crucial. As a result, if you want to extend the shelf life of the packaged item, make sure it's securely sealed.

This laboratory testing instrument will help you to assure that your products will be perfectly sealed. You can easily determine the effectiveness of the packaging and make sure you do not face any product rejections. It comes with a PID controller that is highly useful in controlling the temperature with the highest accuracy. Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of the lab heat sealer. 

Features and technical specifications of Presto lab heat sealer

The heat sealer machine used in the packaging industry is helpful in evaluating the heat seal strength of flexible packaging films. This lab heat sealer has been widely used to test the heat seal properties of thermoplastic films, flexible packaging bags, as well as pouches.

Below we have listed the advanced set of features that you will get with the use of this lab testing equipment. 

  • Seal Pattern: Straight line/Plain/Diamond Knurling
  • Microprocessor-based display for accurate test results
  • Highly accurate test results under pneumatic pressure control.
  • Single Pushbutton operation after setting PID temperature and time
  • Strong heating jaws for performing tests
  • No slippage in case specimen is placed uniformly without any loops.
  • Bright LED display for temperature and timer
  • PID temperature controller for the highest level of control and repeatability
  • Digital Preset timer
  • EN 31 hard and temper sealing jaw material
  • Guide rod mechanism for efficient control of sealing
  • Standards: ASTM F 2029

Technical Specifications of Presto lab heat sealer


  • Equipment Range: Ambient to 350ºC
  • Sealing Temperature Working range: Ambient to 230ºC
  • Accuracy: ± 1ºC
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1ºC
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Sealing size:
  • 150*15 mm OR
  • 300*15 mm
  • Temperature Controller: 4 digit PID
  • Dwell Heat Seal time: 0.1 – 99.9 sec
  • Timer: 4 Digit Digital
  • Heat Sensor: Pt-100, Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
  • Sealing Pressure: 2 - 6 Bar
  • Any 1 of the two size options can be chosen as per the requirement
  • Temperature Controller: PID
  • Timer: Digital Preset type

With these features and technical specifications, you can easily test the quality of your product with ease. Good and secure packaging will help you to preserve the contents and products of certain materials and evaluate their performance. You can also read the advantages of lab heat sealers in the packaging industry. Let’s focus on the steps to operate the heat sealer testing instrument with ease.

Steps to operate the Presto lab heat sealer

The Presto heat seal tester is precise testing equipment that will help in testing the heat sealability of packaging films and how they can be used for packaging purposes. This heat sealing machine will make use of high temperatures and is suitable for various kinds of materials including laminate film.

Below we have listed the steps to operate this lab testing instrument.

  • Turn ON the machine by plugging the main socket of the machine into a 3 pin 15 amp socket. The PID controller will show some readings on the PV (Process Value) and SV (Set Value).
  • Set the SV value on the PID controller. Set the test duration timing on the digital timer.
  • Connect the air source with the pressure gauge through the pressure inlet port. Using the pressure regulator and pressure gauge, maintain the required pressure for conducting the operation.
  • Maintain the required temperature and pressure before placing the specimen between two sealers.

After proper placement of the specimen, you can easily conduct the test. To know about lab heat sealer priceor want to conduct an online demo of sample testing, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will easily help you with all your queries.

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