Identify Ash Content Generation of a Specimen on Burning with the Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace

There are a lot of industries that deal in the manufacturing processes of variable materials into final products to make lives better. These manufacturing industries use certain materials in the production of final goods as per the materials' quality and durability against various aspects. The materials used by manufacturers undergo precise testing measures, allowing the manufacturer to evaluate the properties of the substance.

It is next to impossible to not identify the properties before the utilization of the material in the final production process as these materials are used for different purposes based on their properties. For example, Iron & other metals are used for durability purposes, plastics are used for affordability & longevity, rubbers are used for flexibility, etc.

Another important property other than durability, ductility & longevity is the ash content generation on getting burned. It is vital for manufacturers to assess the ash content generation on sample burning to safeguard the final product from real-life hazards. For example, measuring the ash content of different perishable items like plastics is critical to evaluate the nutritional values present within.

The Presto Group offers a high-quality lab testing instrument called the muffle furnace that is designed with engineering brilliance to evaluate the ash content of variable materials on being burnt. The instrument critically examines the ash content of these materials on being burnt and thus indicates certain properties of the specimen.

Let us take a look at the functioning process of the muffle furnace to have a better understanding of the instrument.

The Functioning Process of the Muffle Furnace

The instrument offers an extremely ergonomic design to help the operator perform the test with absolute facility and with minimal hassle to ensure repeatable tests with desired results.

To perform the muffle furnace test, it is extremely important to make sure that the specimen being tested is not bigger than the size of the specimen holder bowl kept inside the testing chamber.  

Once the size is as per the requirement of the specimen holder, the operator must place the specimen within the holder and make sure to close the door of the inner chamber to avoid any leakage and ensure 100% insulation during the course of testing.

The operator can now simply adjust the settings of the inner testing chamber from the control panel of the muffle furnace. The control panel is equipped with an MCB that puts the instrument into a working mode on being toggled upward.

Afterward, the operator can adjust the temperature of the U-type heaters associated with the inside wall of the testing chamber. The temperature can be adjusted to a maximum of 900o C, 1200o C & 1400o C, depending upon the variant being used.

The high & elevated temperatures burn the specimen which results in the specimen being restricted to ashes. The ash content is collected within the specimen holder which is taken out with the help of a tong as it is very hot to be touched with bare hands. The ash content is then weighed and the attained weight is subtracted from its initial weight.

Now the operator can determine the ash content percentage by using a simple formula:

Ash percentage = [(ash weight) – (crucible weight) X 100] / [(crucible & sample weight) – (crucible weight)].

With this simplistic testing method, the manufacturer can attain the accurate properties of the substance being tested. This easy way of assessing properties has gained the trust of manufacturers from all across the industries.  

The lab testing equipment is also a feature-enriched product that enables the instrument to perform testing with such ease & facile and promotes single-handed operations by the operator to achieve highly accurate conclusions.

Quality Features of the Muffle Furnace

The muffle furnace manufacturer has made sure to provide all the features necessary for the accuracy-driven approach as well as for the performance of tests without any hassle at all.

The construction of the testing chamber depicts the quality-attainment approach of the muffle furnace manufacturer as the testing chamber ensures 100% insulation due to the layering of glass wool that contains heat from passing through.

The instrument also offers the incorporation of a top-notch microprocessor-based temperature controller at the control panel to comply with different ASTM & IS standards.

The application of the U-type heaters also enhances the accuracy of the instrument by providing a uniform elevation of the temperature across the specimen.

The muffle furnace manufacturer has ensured a robust construction of the instrument by using mild steel material coated with a 7-layered powder paint that ensures durability & resistance against corrosion.

The lab testing equipment is also offered in three different variants to enable the manufacturer to satisfy the requirements of the customers as well as comply with the guidelines of designated standards. The three variants as per temperature are:

Ø Ambient – 900o C                   

Ø Ambient – 1200o C

Ø Ambient – 1400o C

Let us take a look at the specifications of the instrument.

Muffle Furnace Specifications

·      The size of the inner chamber of the instrument differs from variant to variant. A total of 3 sizes are laid out by the Presto Group i.e. 4*4*9; 5*5*10 & 6*6*12.

·      The instrument offers j-type & k-type sensors that depend upon the range selected by the consumer.

·      The maximum timer range = 999 hours

·      The instrument functions at a power supply of 20A, 220V & 50 Hz in a single phase.

All these muffle furnace specifications contribute towards accurate testing along with standard compliances.

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