Importance of Top-Load Testing of PET Bottles

Importance of Top-Load Testing of PET Bottles

Due to capabilities of PET packaging to withstand severe environmental conditions, makes it a preferred choice for different types of packing. Even consumers prefer to pick things that are packed in PET packings believing that they are fresh and free from any contamination. They are lightweight, durable and sturdy in nature. Due to its non-reactive and break resistant properties, they are suitable for storing strong chemicals, cleaning agents and acids. But what makes PET bottles so reliable? Is its molecular structure? To some extent, yes. But the stringent testing process is what makes it fit for different uses. According to the intended working conditions, the PET bottles are tested. For instance, a bottle of sports drink or energy drink undergoes stringent free fall testing. It’s because they are frequently handled carelessly by sportsperson. Similarly, Pet containers meant for storage are tested for its stackability, so that they can easily and efficiently store in the kitchen compartments.  

One such test is Top load testing in which PET bottles are tested for their buckling load bearing capacity. In this test, the bottle is subjected to a load from the top until it develops buckling. This test is important, as, during transit and stacking, bottles bear the excessive load. If this capacity is unknown, carrier company would be unable to take appropriate care while handling. 
Top Load Tester
It is a machine that is capable of applying a compressive force to the sample which is a bottle. It is a motorised assembly having the top plate movable. As the test cycle is started, the plate starts to move in a downward direction and remain in this direction until the bottle develops buckling. The pressure on the bottle increases at first then it starts to decrease after a certain point, this starts to happen when buckling develops. 
The machine can apply maximum load of 100kgf.
The machine comes with an easy to read and precise digital display.
The machine is standardised as per testing standards.
For the safety of operator with is equipped with a safety switch to stop the machine.
The straight plates are designed with the strong grip support to avoid the slippage of the bottle at the time of testing.
The machine has soft feather touch control buttons and easy output readout for easy operation.
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