Measure the Bond between two Materials with the Adhesion Tester

Adhesion Tester
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The adhesives play a pivotal role in sticking or aligning two different materials with each other. Adhesion and sealing of two materials is an extremely crucial aspect in the packaging industry as these materials carry important information about the product in the form of labels, they are also used as protecting layers over variable materials for enhanced durability, the materials are also used as marketing gimmicks to enhance advertising standards through enhancing the product quality & visual appeal.

Since these materials have an extremely important role to play and they are the first visuals of a consumer, it becomes relatively more crucial to enhance their quality and ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

This is the reason that manufacturers from different industries use different kinds of manufacturing measures to enhance the adhesion & bond between the two materials. The Presto Group offers a top-quality lab testing instrument to determine the perfect peel/ seal/ bond/ adhesion abilities of two materials aligned together.

The lab testing instrument is widely known as an adhesion tester as it evaluates the adhesiveness or the adhesion strength of two materials when peeled. Since all industries have to package their items and ensure safety by labeling and other related measures, the adhesion tester has been designed to serve accurate test results by allowing the operator & the manufacturer to ascertain the adhesiveness of two materials with an extremely superficial working mechanism.

Superficial Working Mechanism of the Adhesion Tester

The adhesive strength tester has been trusted by so many manufacturers from all across industries due to its accuracy as well as quick test result deliverance with utmost consistency.


To commence the testing with the adhesion tester, the first and foremost step is to condition the specimen perfectly with the help of a toluene chemical provided along with the instrument. The operator has to simply dip the specimen in the chemical for about 15-20 minutes which will unpeel the two materials bonded together.

The operator can simply adjust the two unpeeled ends of the specimen among the jaws of the lab testing equipment. The operator must make sure to clamp the jaws firmly to ensure no movement of the specimen during the course of testing.

Once the specimen is firmly clamped between the jaws, the operator can move further with the peel test. The two jaws of the instrument are associated in a linear assembly wherein the lower jaw moves in the opposite direction of the upper jaw and remains stationary at one position.

The movement of the lower jaw is governed by the circular lead screw that is associated to ensure the smooth functioning of the jaws in a linear motion. The movement of the lower jaw away from the upper jaw forces pressure on the specimen, causing the both materials to unpeel from each other.

The force required to unpeel the two surfaces or the two materials from each other is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display that can easily be recorded by the manufacturer or the operator of the adhesive strength tester.

The extremely working mechanism of the instrument allows the operator to achieve precise test results over & over again. The superficial working module is possible due to the inculcation of top-notch attributes by the peel tester manufacturer.

Key Attributes of the Adhesion Tester

The adhesion tester is offered with highly advanced attributes that help the operator to achieve maximum accuracy, perform the tests expeditiously as well as enhance the testing experience by streamlining each & every measure.

One of the top-quality attributes of the instrument is its table-top build that allows the operator to conduct the test easily as well as install the device without any hassle over a table or a bench. The installation hassles are eliminated straight away and the testing can be initiated without wasting any time.

The peel tester is also offered with a toluene chemical that is extremely important for the conditioning of the sample before conducting the adhesive strength test. The chemical unpeels the ends of the two materials bonded together and allows the operator to adjust them between the jaws.

The instrument has advanced & highly futuristic jaws for firm clamping of the specimen as these jaws are equipped with carvings on their surfaces, ensuring a rugged structure and thus a firm grip over the specimen.

The different jaws allow the operator to perform the adhesion/ bond test over the specimen at two different angles i.e. 90 degrees (vertical testing) as well as 180 degrees (horizontal testing).

Another high-end attribute of the peel tester is the incorporation of such an advanced control panel that is a combination of a rotary switch, feather touch controls, a toggle switch as well as microprocessor-based digital displays that act as an indicator of the attained test results.

Another high-end attribute of the instrument is the memory hold option provided along with the control panel that keeps track of 9 previously achieved test results.

The instrument is equipped with a robust construction that has urged a lot of manufacturers from different industries to get their hands on the instrument due to its enhanced longevity & durability. The durability remains intact due to the utilization of 7-layered powder paint over mild steel material to avoid corrosion or rusting in the long run of the equipment.

All these top-quality features are inculcated by the peel tester manufacturer to make the testing process a lot more seamless and achieve high levels of accuracy over & over again.

Get the Top-Quality Adhesion Tester Right Away

To determine the precise adhesive strength of two materials bonded together, there is no better option than the Presto-manufactured peel tester. The instrument is offered with the maximum features in the industry and the highest durability claim with standard compliances.

To seek more information about the instrument, visit our website and to place an order and get the instrument served at your doorstep, call us at +91 9210903903. You can e-mail us your feedback & suggestions at


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