Measure The Viscosity Of Melted Polymers With Melt Flow Index of Plastics

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Plastic is the most useful product which is used in different manufacturing industries to manufacture the domestic or industrial product. In plastic manufacturing industries, there are many properties of plastics and polymers that are examined by the manufacturers to ensure whether the material is appropriate for a particular application or not. These properties and characteristics of plastics provide a noticeable effect on the durability and strength of the products.

Major Characteristic of Plastics

The major factor that explains the viscosity and strength of the plastics is the melt flow index of plastics. The best testing device which is used to measure the effect of melt flow rate of the granules is Melt Flow Index Tester. The testing instrument is best enough to examine the flow rate of the polymer when it is kept in the molten state at a particular temperature and pressure. This property of plastic explains its molecular state, structure, viscosity, and various properties. The molecular weight and structure of the plastics are inversely proportional to the Melt flow index of plastics.


How to Test the Viscosity of Plastics Efficiently?

The way methodology to compute the Melt Flow Index of Plastics is using highly effective testing instrument i.e. MFI Tester. It is the best way to measure the flow rate of polymers when it is kept under the standardized conditions of temperature, load, etc.

MFI tester by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest offers the best quality of Melt Flow Index Tester to measure the flow rate and viscosity of the polymers. The instrument is designed by the highly skilled and experienced technocrats keeping in mind the standards that are provided by standardization authorities.

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