Find Out 'A' Grade Of Plastic Granules With MFI Tester

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In Plastic manufacturing industries, there are various properties of plastics that are required to measure the quality of the products i.e. mechanical properties, chemical properties and rheological properties of the polymers have a noteworthy impact on the durability of the plastics due to various ecological effects.

Factors Affecting Quality of Plastics

The major factor that affects the quality of the plastics is its melt flow rate. It is the rate of flow of molten plastics which is analyzed when heated and pressed under specific temperature and with a specific amount of weight respectively. This property of plastics explains the chemical structure, molecular weight and other related properties of the plastic resins. The low MVR means complex molecular structure and high MVR means simpler structure and vice versa. The testing instrument is used to measure the Melt Flow Rate of the plastic with great ease.

Melt Flow Index Measurement Tester – Best to Measure Plastics Viscosity

Presto Stantest offers the best quality of MFI tester which is designed under the strict guidance of national and international standard test methods. Presto Stantest deals in manufacturing two models of Melt Flow Index Measurement Tester namely deluxe model and next generation model. The testing machine is designed on the heavy metal base plate that ensures product reliability and durability. The testing machine offers highly accurate and reliable test results. For more information on the machine, visit:

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