Melt Volume Flow Rate - Essential To Test The Viscosity Of Thermoplastics

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Many properties of plastics that explain the quality of the plastics. Melt Volume Flow Rate of thermoplastics is considered as the critical parameter or property by all the standardization authorities that help to measure the quality, flow rate, thickness or viscosity of the plastics. This property can be ascertained by best quality of testing instrument i.e. Melt Volume Flow Rate Tester. The device is designed and manufactured especially to match the quality of the granules from standard quality.

How does MFI tester work?

The testing instrument is equipped with the heated barrel and a piston in which 4 – 5 grams of thermoplastic granules are poured. The barrel is set to a certain temperature and pressed with a specific amount of weights, which are provided with the device. This lets the granules comes out of the plastics from the capillary tube in the molten form. The sample which came out of the capillary tube in a period of 10 minutes is then weighed in grams. This value is considered and the MFI of the thermoplastic granules.

How MFI measures the viscosity of thermoplastics?

The MFI of the resins explains the viscosity or flow rate of plastics at a particular temperature and load. The polymer will simple molecular structures explains the less flow rate of granules and the complex structure shows the high molecular weight of plastics. This will also help to conclude the molecular weight of the plastics. Therefore, MFI Tester is the best test procedure which helps to calculate the quality of the different types of resins efficiently that are purchased from various vendors. The testing instrument is widely used to test whether the quality of the plastics is appropriate as per the requirement of the particular application or not. The effect of change which is measured by the melt flow rate of the plastics explains the rate of degradation that influences the quality of the plastics.

Presto Stantest, a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of testing instruments, offers two models of Melt Flow Index tester i.e. deluxe model and NXG model.

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