Most Reliable Source To Perform Environmental Testing

Most Reliable Source To Perform Environmental Testing

Salt Spray Chamber-Korrox IIIEnvironmental Testing of metals is the best testing procedure which helps to measure the effect of environmental conditions on the ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Presto Stantest offers the best quality of environmental testing chambers to perform environmental testing to check the corrosion resistant property of the metals. The instrument is designed to test the corrosion resistance properties of the metallic materials by providing the materials under different environmental conditions. The device is capable enough to produce the environmental conditions that replicate the actual working weather. This testing machine helps to perform reliable test procedures.

Working of Environmental Testing Chambers

The instrument is designed with the user-friendly controls and PID temperature controller that allows the user to adjust the temperature of the test i.e. from ambient to 45 degree Celsius. To measure the corrosion resistant property of the metals, place the specimen inside and chamber and set the desired level of temperature as per the standards to create the actual working environment inside the chamber. Call our experts to know in detail about the operative procedure. Leave the device in the working mode for few days. This will help the user to measure the effect of moisture, mist, fog, heat, humidity, etc. on the sample to determine the effect when the material is placed for years in the open environment. This test method helps the user to analyze the actual working life of the metals when they are continuously put in the open environment for several years.

Presto Stantest offers premium quality of Environmental Testing Chambers that helps the manufacturers in metal industries to test the effect of environment on the metals. To check the specifications of the instrument, visit:

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