Perform Drop Test to Check the Quality of Packaging

Perform Drop Test to Check the Quality of Packaging

Packaging helps to protect the contents inside from dynamic, static, and climatic influences. These packaging are tested by international standards and norms. The smooth storage and logistics of the products require a proper packaging test. These tests are not recommended as standard as they are customised with respect to the requirement of the customer. Packaging goods securely is important to prevent financial loss. Using high-quality double wall boxes to secure and hold the weight of the contents is vital to prevent potential damages.

Many factors contribute to the damage of products during shipment. They are road conditions, weather, warehousing conditions, shape and size of the package, the way they are loaded into the truck, the content of other packages, machine or human error etc.

The drop test is performed to check the quality at the time of Quality control inspection. The objective of the test is to determine how the packaging and goods are affected when hitting the ground. The testing drop heights depends on the total weight of the product and package. The test is conducted by dropping the carton 10 times in total. It is conducted first on the corner or at any point that is expected to be the weakest to cause damage. The carton is dropped from the appropriate height and angle. The carton is twisted from all sides following the correct order. Drop Tester is used to test the impact strength of free falling impacts on packaging products.
Evaluation of results can be done if any of the conditions mentioned below fails, i.e.
  • Damage to inner packaging
  • Damage to the shipping cartons
  • Scratches, deformation, dents or any other damage to the contents inside
The test passes if there is regular deformation to the box or packaging without damaging the goods inside.

Ways to qualify drop test are:

  • Good quality packaging should be selected at the time of shipping as the price for replacing damaged goods is higher than the price to pay for protective packaging.
  • Choose proper thickness and structural design to ensure the proper level of protection to the contents inside where the weight is more.
  • Tracking of quantity and the position of the products within the carton.
  • Using additional measures like “Fragile” label, directional arrows, etc.
Presto Lab Drop Tester tests the strength of material with respect to deformation. The machine establishes the transportation value of fibreboard boxes. The drop tester is available to complete the demand of a large number of customers. 

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