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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter-NXG-Section Weight CutterPET bottles are used in packaging industries to pack different types of products and material such as chemicals, beverages, liquids, pharmaceuticals and many more. These products are available in liquid form and can be spilled out easily at the time of transportation and can also cause fatal accidents. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturers to test the quality of PET bottles and must ensure the reliability, shape, size and weight of the PET bottles.

PET Bottle Cutter – Best to Cut the Bottles in Appropriate Sections

PET Bottle Cutter is a highly effective testing machine which helps to cut the PET bottles n equal and standardized sections to perform section weight analysis efficiently. The process of proper cutting of PET bottles is mandatory without affecting the edges or actual shape of the bottles to commence the process of section weight analysis. The testing machine is helpful to test the equality among the weight of each section of the bottles. Call our experts now, and buy Plastic Bottle cutter for highly precise and standardized cutting.

Specifications & Features of Testing Device

The testing machine has the ability to cut the PET bottles in three equal sections without facing any kind of difficulty in a very precise manner. The testing machine can cut the bottles of 200ml to 2L having diameter 110mm efficiently. The testing machine allows cutting the bottles in exact dimensions and parts without destroying the shape of the bottle. To know in detail about the Plastic Bottle Cutter, visit:

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