Requirement of Testing in Packaging Industry

Requirement of Testing in Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has acquired a vital place in every production vertical. The packaging of the products is an important aspect that helps to ensure the quality of the products. If the packaging of the product is not up to the mark, it will be a major defect that can severely affect the quality of the products that has been packed using that low-quality packaging material.

The packaging affects the decision of the buyers to buy the products as it significantly impacts the appearance of the product too. For the manufacturers in packaging industries, it becomes important to ensure the quality of the packaging products so that they can offer the best quality products to the customers.

The packaging of the goods not only contributes towards the quality and appearance of the products but also helps to keep the material safe during storage, warehousing and transportation. The quality of the packaging can be maintained and tested using high-quality testing machines. Without using the testing machines, it is not possible for the manufacturers to produce high-quality products.

Here are some of the laboratory testing machine that must be used by the manufacturers to ensure the quality and properties of the packaging materials and different packing products.

Peel Strength Tester

It is a highly effective and widely used testing instrument which is used to test the peeling strength of self-adhesive materials such as labels, tapes and so on. These testing devices are used to check the amount of force that they can bear before they leave the substrate on which it is applied. The peel strength tester is one of the best testing machines which are used to test and ensure the consistency of the adhesives with the required test application. The device helps to measure whether a material would survive even in hard working conditions or not.

Drop Tester

Packaging materials such as paperboard boxes, corrugated boxes, multilayered sheets, etc. experience lot of falls & drops during the transportation due to bad stacking and unawareness of labour. If the box is not strong enough to tolerate such falls, it will damage the quality of the product which is packed inside. To test the falling strength or impact strength of such boxes, drop testers are introduced.


Cobb Sizing Tester

Measuring the capability of the packaging products to resist liquid penetration can be done by performing Cobb test on the material. This test can be performed easily using Cobb Sizing Tester or Cobb Sizing Machine.

The packaging materials have to face various wet environmental condition such as Humidity, Moisture, etc. at the time of transportation, warehousing and storage. If the material is not strong to water penetration, it will completely spoil the quality of the good which is packed inside and will create a significant threat from the manufacturers. To test the resistance of papers and related materials to water or any type of liquid Cobb test is performed using Cobb Sizing tester.

Apart from the mentioned devices, there are numerous devices that help to test the quality of the papers and other packaging materials that are used in different production verticals. For more information on packaging testing machines, click here.

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